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Shonda wasn’t insulted by comment

In a the press tour session “Grey’s Anatomy”‘s Steve McPherson reveiled that the show creator Shonda Rhimes has a great story line planned for Katherine Heigl.

In addition, Shonda tells she wasn’t insulted by Katherine Heigl’s comment.

Q: Shonda, with her statement, Heigl insulted the writers, essentially? How did that make you feel?

A: She insulted the writers? Did she?

Q: Yes.

A: I don’t think that’s insulting the writers per se. There’s two things: The first half of season she had a very strong story line with George that played out more comedically. The second half, Katherine asked me to write her light so that she could work on her movie.

Q: But what was your reaction?

A: I didn’t feel insulted.

Shonda told at ABC’s TCA Summer Press Tour, that Izzie is one of her favorite characters, too.