Brendan FehrLeading Lists Release Date for “Fort McCoy”

In August 2008 Brendan was in Wisconsin to star in a indepented film called “Fort McCoy” which is currently in post-production. According to The Internet Movie Database this film will be released on September 10, 2009 (USA)*.

The film is based on true events when the Stirn family moves next to a Nazi POW camp and American army base in Wisconsin during W.W.II. The film follows the events and lives of several people at this camp during this time.

Brendan plays Sgt. Dominic Rossi. He tells in a post: “I’m really looking forward to this and working with Eric [Stoltz] again, along with the others.

In “Fort McCoy” Eric Stoltz plays the lead character Frank Stirn. The actor was in Don McKellar’s “Childstar” and in the telefilm “Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge” with Brendan before. In addition, Stoltz is the director of “Paddyville”. A romantic comedy about the Irish American immigrants community in the Bronx in which Brendan stars as Noel.

* The release date has been changed to unknown.