Baron And Toluca

“Ok Party People?” – Ready To Tweet?

The latest Tweet. Tweet. Trend. video from August 6th, started with Marey’s “partied like it’s 1999”  photo and last Saturday (August 13th), fans really rocked two hours of tweeting again and spread the word about the B+T campaign.

Diane Farr, who played Majandra Delfino’s mother Amy DeLuca on “Roswell” was tagged in‘s tweet “If @GetDianeFarr appears on BaronAndToluca as T’s mom do you think this might happen if she meets Baron? @netflix and the actress reacted to the Twitter Party in the most hilarious Amy DeLuca mom-ish way asking: “Ok party people? What are you doin with with my kid and her boyfriend?”

Scroll down for the tweets and make sure to watch the video below for more Twitter action! Please raise your hands, if you would love to see Diane Farr making a guest appearances as Toluca’s mom and join us on Saturdays.

Get your tweets ready! Let’s convince Netflix that “Baron And Toluca” is an enrichment for their platform. Join us on Saturdays, when we tweet the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT at 6 PM EST at Netflix.

Do you want to make it into the Tweet. Tweet. Trend. videos? Join us!

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