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“Fort McCoy” hits Film Festivals

“Fort McCoy” screened at the 12th annual “Newport Beach Film Festival” and “Sonoma Film Festival” in April. The film also made it to the “Cannes Independent Film Festival” and was named “Best Drama”. Now, the independent film with Eric Stoltz, Kate Connor and Brendan Fehr is going to hit further Film Festivals soon.

The movie which is based on true events, takes place in 1944 at a POW camp in Wisconsin in which German and Japanese soldiers were held during the World War II. “Fort McCoy” follows the events and lives of several people at this camp during this time.


Oldenburg International Film Festival, Germany
September 14 – 18, 2011
Website: | Movie Page

Hollywood Film Festival®, USA
October 20-24, 2011

Eric Stoltz starred in and produced “Fort McCoy”. He plays Frank Stirn who arrives at the camp as the new barber since he is unable to enlist due to a heart murmur. Brendan explained to Media Blvd. “His “action” is limited to being a barber for the brave men going off to fight and it’s his story of working through this insecurity and finding his place in life, war, and his own family.”

Brendan Fehr plays Sgt. Dominic Rossi who has already done a tour in Tunisia and is now working as military police on the base. “I am a guide of sorts, liaison even, to this family taking up residence on the base where this story all takes place.”

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