Take 1 – The Unfinished Story: Fan Video Montage

New filmmaker/writer – and Roswell Fan – Jenni spent the past 6+ month writing a script for a Roswell movie. In addition, she has worked on plans of how to make this happen. Now, every single Roswell Fan is asked to help to make this film a reality.

New content has been added to and besides a photo that displays the script fans can find information about the first TAKE to make this project happen:

Roswell The Movie
Fan Video Montage
Director: You
Camera: Digital, Web Cam, Video
Date: 2009
Scene: 1A
Take 1

JOIN NOW! You are the star of the Roswell Fan Video Montage. Get a camera that you can record video or your voice onto and make a 2-5 minute video telling why you want a Roswell movie.

Name (First names only)
Location (state/country only)
Why do you love Roswell?
Why Do you want a Roswell Movie?

Please make sure the video is only 2-5 minutes long.


Make sure to visit the Events page on to learn more about it.