Vote Max & Liz or Michael & Maria into the “Romance Hall of Fame”, a site dedicated to romantic travel, weddings and celebrity news, is about to launch a new “Romance Hall of Fame” section, which will include Top 5 lists of the best in romantic entertainment, according to the readers.

Thanks to the Lovetripper Magazine for letting us know that this month readers are asked to vote for their favorite sci-fi/fantasy TV couple of all time.

Max and Liz and Michael and Maria are on the list alongside couples from “Lost”, “Smallville” or “Pushing Dasies”.

To enter, simply cast your vote for your favorite couple on the list found on our contest page, then tell us why their love story touched your heart. (If fans wish to nominate a couple that is not on the list, write-ins are welcome.) A selection of comments about the programs voted to be the most
popular will help to represent the shows in our Romance Hall of Fame.

One winner, chosen at random from all entries received by 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2009, will receive their choice of either a DVD of the movie Twilight or a DVD of one season of their favorite sci-fi show.

The contest is open to fans worldwide. You can cast a vote for your favorite sci-fi TV couple once per day.

Make sure to visit and vote for your favorite Roswell couple!