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“Bones” Spoiler question answered

In E! Online’s Spoiler Chat “Bones” and “Brendan Fehr” Fan Mari asked, if Booth’s brother will be back on the show:

Mari: I need some Bones scoop! Will Booth’s brother be back?

We caught up with Brendan Fehr at the golf classic this morning, and he told us, “As far as I’m told, I will be back. I don’t know how many episodes. I don’t know in what capacity or anything like that, but I have been told that I can expect a little bit of employment in the upcoming season.” Since Booth is in recovery, Fehr thinks it would be interesting for him to fill in for Booth, and maybe even attempt to sweep Bones off her feet again. “I suppose he does stand a chance [with her]. He’s a fairly handsome guy,” joked Brendan, “but ultimately it’s Seeley and Bones’ deal.”

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