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“Jesse Stone: Thin Ice” – DVD Review

The website DVD Talk has published a review for “Jesse Stone: Thin Ice”. The tv film will be released on June 16, 2009.

In the “Jesse Stone” films with Tom Selleck, William Sadler plays Gino Fish.

Tom Selleck is back as Jesse Stone, and he’s stronger than ever. Sony has released Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, a smashing return to form for the series based on the Robert B. Parker detective series. Mixing equal parts doleful character study with somber, dark film noir and suspenseful police actioner, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice expertly handles its various subplots, creating another memorable outing for Selleck in a role that quickly is gaining as much iconic weight for him as Thomas Magnum, his other TV persona. This is a good as it gets for made-for-TV movies. […]

Final Thoughts:
Perhaps the best Jesse Stone so far, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice expertly creates tension not only from its intricate, multi-layered plot, but also from its tension-grounded characterizations. It’s an exciting, suspenseful film trapped inside a melancholic, morbid, emotionally-shaky drama, and that’s a neat trick. Selleck is letter-perfect as the troubled, self-destructive Stone; he just keeps getting better and better. These Jesse Stone films are about as good as it gets for made-for-TV films; they stack up with anything you can find in the theatres, and I eagerly await the next installment. I high, highly recommend Jesse Stone: Thin Ice.

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