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Brendan’s “Overdue Update”

On Saturday, October 24, Brendan added an entry to his official website titled “Overdue Update”. You can find it here:

Posted by Brendan Fehr

October 24, 2009

Well, I’m sitting here watching Notre Dame get beat, waiting for the Canucks to face off against the Leafs and oh yeah, watching and playing with my kid. Not in any particular order of importance (we all know how much I love hockey!). I was hoping to have some news for you guys as some things were in the works (some still are but too early) but fell apart. I will hopefully have some real updates in the next month as opposed to only having news of my handicap, 6.3, trending to a 6.5. That crazy driver!!!

Speaking of golf I am looking forward to the few who can attend the TWIO tourney on Nov. 9th and hope more of you will. We are in need of a few more players (hey when have I been too proud to beg!) so if any of you have any ideas or know people… GET ON IT!

Like I said before, more updates to come in the next month so keep checking in. Hopefully some great stuff but ’til then enjoy the weekend and God Bless.