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Shiri Appleby Signed Up On Social Networks

Sappleby.com reports that Shiri Appleby joined Facebook and she signed up on Twitter, too. There she keeps her fans updated and Shiri makes us even more curious about her upcoming series “Life UneXpected”.

Shiri fans can hardly wait to see the actress back on TV on a weekly basis but her new series “Life UneXpected” won’t reach the air till midseason 2010. Therefore Shiri in person decided to make the long wait more attractive!

Posting as ‘killercat’ on FanForum’s posting board, Shiri not only informs her fans about her latest project “Life UneXpected”, but also about her new accounts on different social networks:

Hey guys, Shiri here!

I’m up in Vancouver getting ready to start work on Life UneXpected tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s been a long time coming – you guys know better than anyone! I want to thank each and everyone of you for all your support getting to this point.

So I’ve joined the modern world and signed up on Facebook and Twitter – both are under my name. I’m posting behind the scenes pics and giving updates as much as I can. I hope you guys will follow me and be a part of all of it.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer and are settling in for a great fall!

Your fan,

On Facebook the actress is providing fans with exclusive photos from the very first episode. Her latest update contains photographs which were taken by “Life UneXpected” creator and writer Liz Tigelaar.

Or you can use the social network Twitter to follow Shiri Appleby.

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