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Fangoria: 10 Examples of a pulse in the modern slasher

On Fangoria the article “10 Examples of a pulse in the modern slasher” was published on December 3, 2009.

The films “The Hills Run Red” with William Sadler and “Reeker” in which Devon Gummersall stars are listed in this text which you can read in full here: 10 EXAMPLES OF A PULSE IN THE MODERN SLASHER

THE HILLS RUN RED: On a quest to find the most horrifying film ever made, a small troupe of amateur filmmakers find themselves not shooing, but starring in the mysterious picture, as one by one they are disposed of – in violent fashion – by a hulking masked madman; all the while the cameras role. The awkward plot twists that begin to unfold in the latter portions of the film are clever, and for the sub genre, quite satisfying. William Sadler is terrific donning villainous shoes, and Sophie Monk more than holds her own alongside the seasoned veteran. It’s not a flawless picture, but it’s a fun picture with a few twists and turns that may catch you off guard.

REEKER: A group of would-be ravers head into the desert for a long evening of partying, but they never reach their destination as a strange creature begins chopping them up at an abandoned diner after car problems leave them stranded. REEKER is a run-of-the-mill outline kind of script, but it’s pretty damn complex in the delivery department; which becomes apparent in the second half of the feature. A truly entertaining supernatural twist wins big points in my book, and some surprising efforts from the cast (Scott Whyte is quite enjoyable as the shady stoner Trip, Devon Gummersall is excellent as the blind male lead Jack and Tina Illman is fantastic as the film’s heroine Gretchen) left my expectations surpassed. It’s flown far under the radar for nearly half decade, but it’s a gem of a slasher!