Roswell Episode listed in EW’s “26 Classic Holiday TV Episodes”

Roswell’s christmas episode “A Roswell Christmas Carol” is listed in EW’s “26 Classic Holiday TV Episodes”. The full listing can be found here.

”A Roswell Christmas Carol” (2000)

For Max (Jason Behr), the holidays mean coming face to face with a moral conundrum: when to bust out the superpowers. While Christmas shopping, he sees a father sacrifice his life to save his daughter from a car accident. Dead Dad then haunts Max, Dickens style, demanding to know why he didn’t use his alien skills to help him. In the end, Max does use his gifts — at a children’s hospital ward. It’s all sweet and touching…and would almost be cloying if Katherine Heigl weren’t spinning around in a holiday dervish as Isabel, the ”Christmas Nazi.”

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