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Congratulations to Colin and Samantha!

Colin Hanks and his longtime girlfriend Samantha tied the knot on May 8, 2010 in Los Angeles. Congratulations! May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

[…] How did Mr. Hanks and his girlfriend meet? “We had the same group of friends and knew of each other, but never paid attention to it,” he said.

Gradually, they became friends — and more. Until that point, Ms. Bryant said, “he was the perfect gentleman.”

“I want it on the record,” Mr. Hanks declared to all at the table, “that I was the perfect gentleman.” (

Colin plays the lead in the new FOX serie “The Good Guys”. The series previews on Tuesday, May 19 at 8/7c. You can catch the full pilot of the series after “American Idol” before it makes its series debut June 7, 2010.