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Brendan Fehr: Twitter and other things

Brendan Fehr gives some first information about his new project “Never Tell A Lie” on his official board at Media Blvd. Make sure to take a look!

In addition, he clarifies the Twitter question and he shares that he and his wife Jennifer are expecting their second child together. Congratulations!

[…] First off, I do not have a twitter account so beware. I’ve been asked by several people and have thus notified twitter about it and hopefully that’ll result in that person and account being suspended or “de-tweeted” or however it works.

Secondly, I will be leaving for Vancouver this month to start on a new LifeTime movie called “Never Tell A Lie” written by Hallie Ephron. It also stars Anastasia Griffith. Filming starts about the 25th of September for 4-5 weeks. I’m really looking forward to it and will try to update the site more with both pics and posts during filming.

Thirdly, second addition due in January to the Fehr clan. Papa’s golf game is going to suffer greatly. Just when I’ve shot even for the first time in my life and the index is down to 3. Sheesh… kids these days, eh? Ah, it’s gonna be sweet! Really happy and Blessed. James is in the process of learning a swing and hits balls in the backyard… and yes I admit it’s a selfish endeavour! That could at least get me out to the driving range.

See ya.

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