LeadingWilliam Sadler

Keep Your Enemies Closer – “you never really know who your friends are”

William Sadler recently filmed “Keep Your Enemies Closer”, in which he stars as Agent Cone alongside Manny Perez, Peter Greene and Yvonne Maria Schäfer. Federico Castelluccio directed and wrote the screenplay.

The short film will be released in 2011. The official website is located here: www.keep-your-enemies-closer.com

From YMC-Films.com:

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER, is the story of Alex Decker (Peter Greene) a German Interpol agent, deep under cover, who has been on the trail of Jimmy the King (Manny Perez) and Sandra, his wife (Yvonne Maria Schaefer) the ruthless leaders of the Los Zetas drug Cartel from Mexico. After several years of tracking them all over Europe and South America, he finally catches up to them in New York City. He successfully arranges a meeting through his informant, Michael (Markus Depfenhart) to purchase over a million and half dollars worth of pure grade heroin. With the help of Agent Cone (William Sadler) and Agent Lepari (Federico Castelluccio) from the New York City DEA, Alex secures the money for the bust. At the meeting, with Jimmy, Sandra and Michael things quickly turn for the worse and fill the atmosphere with high tension, danger and an unexpected twist.