2nd Roswell Twitter Challenge – Promo Ads *Update*

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As previously reported, we’re running the 2nd Roswell Twitter Challenge this Friday:

2nd Roswell Twitter Challenge
Date: Friday, June 24
Goal: to trend & have a good time

Roswellfans.net & Crashdown.com

Roswell fans from all over the world are asked to tweet about the show ensuring that the hash tags #Roswell and #roswellmovie are included somewhere in your posts. If we can make Roswell a trending topic it will help draw attention to the show and gain new fans. We are talking about Roswell and the cast and there will be another quiz! So please join us and spread the word. Feel free to save some of the promotion graphics and post them on your website, blog, Facebook page etc.

Where are you from?

Since fans from all over the world are invited to join us head on over to this article and place a vote in the “Where are you from” poll. We hope that we can pick a time that fit’s for all of us.

In the meantime..

… you could decorate your Twitter page with a new Roswell related background. Please check out this articles: Roswellians: Decorate your Twitter page! & New Twitter Challenge – New graphics. If you have any wishes for further backgrounds, just let us know. Do you like to submit some graphics? Feel free to contact us.

Promotion Graphics

Update: Facebook and the skyscraper banners are incompatible, please check out some smaller banner here: 2nd Roswell Twitter Challenge – Facebook

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  1. Hey, can you possibly resize the graphics so that we can put them as our FB profile pictures as well? I tried to put one, but FB says the picture is to tall.

  2. Sure! I’m going to add resized versions later today.

  3. Sorry, but I’m still working on that… and I’m a little confused.. I saved the Roswell graphics in a lower quality and Facebook still keeps saying "The photo was either too tall or too skinny."

    Now, I tried another file format but it’s still not working.

  4. Thanks so much for making more graphics!

  5. I have been emailing the admin of the Roswell TV Series page to post the twitter challenge link and your graphics, but she has not been responsive. I will keep trying to reach her and keep my fingers crossed that she will post by midnight.