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Get ready for a two hour Georgia-thon this Wednesday

ABC Family announced that they are airing four all new episodes this Wednesday:

State of Georgia – Mini-Marathon:
Episode 6: Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems
Episode 7: There’s a Place For Us
Episode 8: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Episode 9: Foot in the Door

In addition, music sensation Jason Derülo will be dropping in on Georgia and the girls. You can catch Jason on August 10’s episode “The Popular Chicks”. Read the full news articles on the official website:
Jason Derülo Coming to State of Georgia and Four ALL NEW State of Georgia Eps Coming This Wednesday

If you missed the latest episode make sure to head on over to ABC Family and visit the video section: abcfamily.go.com/shows/state-georgia/videos

Watch the show live at August 3rd at 8:30/7:30c and make sure to head on over to Twitter and help #stateofgeorgia to trend!