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John Doe released a new album + Roswell mentioning

On August 30, 2011 John Doe’s new album “Keeper” was released. On you can listen to John Doe’s Spirited Rave-Up ‘Never Enough’. “Keeper” is available via YepRoc Records as well as | ca and iTunes.

John Doe recently spoke with Huffington Post about his eighth solo album. Besides the topic music they talked a little bit about acting as well. In the past couple of years, the actor did not work on film or tv sets a lot. He explained “I’ve been really busy touring and making music, now making this record.”

When the Huffington Post’s Mike Ragogna mentioned some movies and television shows John Doe starred in, the interviewer revealed that Roswell was one of his favorite shows at that time:


MR: That brings us to your acting. You were in Roadhouse, Vanishing Point, Good Girl, Great Balls Of Fire, Salvador, Boogie Nights, Pure Country, and more. And on TV, you were Jeff Parker, Liz Parker’s father. By the way, Roswell was one of my favorite shows at that time.

JD: Yeah, Roswell was a very sweet television show. It’s too bad in that second season that it got so involved with magical weird stuff, like they were trying to be a part of the X-Files or something. It was kind of an early version of One Tree Hill, kind of a teen drama, it was nice. […]

Please head on over to Huffington Post and read the full interview:
Keeper: Meeting John Doe Again, Chatting With The X-Man

Visit John Doe’s official website as well: There you can learn more about his music … and YES … something will remind you on Roswell again.

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