“September 23rd. Journal entry one…”

On September 18th, 1999 Liz Parker was shot at the Crashdown Café and “after that, things got really weird….”

On this date 13 years ago, a girl from Roswell, New Mexico, wrote her first journal entry about the strange things that happened in her life.

You will surely agree, that there is something special about the pilot episode, which made us fall in love with Liz, Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Alex, … So, let’s watch the pilot + the series again.

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Let’s celebrate this amazing episode and great series with a re-watch.

Please visit the Roswell Re-Watch event page on Facebook and watch & talk with other fans.

In addition, this is a great opportunity to add some unfinished contents and more facts to You are very welcome to send in stuff as well. Of course, you’ll receive full credit.

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