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Got the Check?

Ready? And action.

As earlier reported, Shiri Appleby and Colin Hanks have re-united for a project and we finally know more about it.

They worked together on a short for Yahoo’s weekly comedy series “Sketchy”. The 6:09 minutes long clip was released on Monday, November 19th, 2012 and features Colin Hanks and Alison Becker.

The sketch is titled “Got the Check?” and was written by Alison Becker and Brandon Johnson, who also stars.

Colin and Alison are playing two characters on a date in a beautiful restaurant. They get along well until it comes to the descision, who is going to pay the check.

Sappleby‘s webmaster Katrin perfectly fitting reply to this hilarious clip: “So true, so wonderfully brutally bitterly true. What I’ve learnt: Mr. Darcy died and Jane Austen is wrong. Love it! Awesome job! :)”

Don’t wait any longer. Head on over to Yahoo and watch the great sketch Shiri directed: Got the Check?

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