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A Stressful Evening in Twitterland

On Tuesday Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha, Austin Basis as well as “Life Unexpected” creator Liz Tigelaar tweeted with all of the fans during the “Family Therapized” episode rerun.

The “Life Unexpected” gang had a lot of fun at the CW headquarters and during this stressful evening in twitterland, Liz Tigelaar wrote that she was taking a behind the scenes video of “this situation”.

The “Best Tweet Ever” video is now available on Liz’s official and public Facebook page.

Shiri Appleby showed how comfortable she is about the social networking and microblogging service Twitter she joined last year.

Find here a list of her top tweets. Shiri mentioned “Roswell” a couple of times!

  • my parents watch the show every episode. they’re my biggest fans. how lucky am i?
  • he wants to marry me!!! and i say, “get in line!” that’s a joke.
  • britt is in new zealand being a movie star. momma is proud of her little lady.
  • liz is getting ready to sign off. sniffles..
  • we want rosie!!! we want rosie!!! we want rosie!!!
  • i want to sing on the show more!!! and do some terrible talent show skits!!!
  • i would love to do a roswell reunion. do you think liz and max have had little alien babies yet?
  • i have never seen kris or austin so stressed. not in 5 months of filming. i swear.
  • my favorite show growing up was the wonder years and i love lucy. i wanted to marry kevin arnold. i secretly still do.
  • she can’t help but be honest. that’s something special. thanks liz!!
  • cate is my hero
  • austin was in a wendy commercial. i did one for taco bell. it was obvious we were destined for success.
  • let’s not pick on kris. he just heard about twittering two days ago. no joke.
  • while shooting this therapy scene i questioned why I didn’t think of doing a sitcom.
  • is it me or does that girl from vampire diaries kinda look like me?
  • my favorite basketball team are the lakers. i’m an LA girl with a crush on NYC!!!
  • admit it kris… you had a crush on me when you guest starred on roswell. just be honest.
  • i love roswell too!!!
  • Shiri has accounts on Twitter and Facebook – both are under her name. On Facebook Shiri is posting behind the scenes pics, book recommendations and she’s giving updates as much as she can.

    Make sure to follow Shiri Appleby! For everything “Life Unexpected” please visit Liz Tigelaar’s Facebook an the fan page www.lux-source.com!

    Pictures © Liz Tigelaar

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