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Sherryn’s Interview with Melinda Metz

Sherryn Daniel recently had the chance to interview Melinda Metz.

The interview was published in two parts on her blog at and it is a must-read!

In addition, we can just agree that “We all should thank Melinda Metz for introducing Max Evans ( played by Jason Behr) into our lives.”

While the first questions center on the “Roswell High” books, her background as a writer and other book projects, Sherryn chatted with Melinda about her experiences as a staff writer for Roswell’s third season in the next part of the interview.

Melinda mentiones the “Wright and Wong” series and she gives an advice for writers and more. Please head on over to Sherryn’s blog and make sure to read the Q & A with Melinda Metz.

Sherryn Daniel’s Interview with Melinda Metz

Part 1: My Exclusive Interview with Melinda Metz, author of the “Roswell High” Books part 1
October 7, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Part 2: My Exclusive Interview with Melinda Metz, author of the “Roswell High” Books part 2
October 8, 2012 at 10:43 pm

Some years ago, Sherryn Daniel wrote an article about “Roswell” and “Twilight” and was lucky enough to publish her article. You can find it here: Roswell and Twilight: Which Supernatural Sweethearts are Superior?

Please check out her blog for further articles on many different topics. Sherryn is on Facebook, too. You can find her page here: SherrynDanielsBlog.

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