11-day-Roswell-Celebration – Long Stupid Story

Marian tweeted us a great Candy video. Watch the clip – “Long Stupid Story” – on YouTube:

“#Roswell series finale. the best quote that describes their entire relationship. Michael&Maria ♥” – Marian

#CandyForever? Do you want to share your favorite “Graduation” quote, scene, … with us?

Make sure to tweet us @Crashdowncom, post or write a comment.

With the 11-day-Roswell-Celebration we can show everyone and especially FOX, that fans are craving for more and thanks to Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas… studios know now what fan-power can accomplish these days.

Please spread the word and tell your friends. Even if you don’t have a glimpse of hope that a movie could be made, please join us and just talk about your favorite show.

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