New RPG: Roswell – The Reawakening

Have you always been a writer at heart and do you love Roswell fan fiction? Is your journal full of ideas for Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Kyle’s adventures that are lying ahead?

Then you should check out this brand new Yahoo Group which is the home of a new Role Play Game, entitled “Roswell – The Reawakening”. This new RPG community has been created by Bradley and it will focus on the future of our favorite characters:


Since the Pod Squad left their beloved town of Roswell after graduation a lot has happened along the way. They have moved from place to place, traveling the backboards of America to find a somewhere they could call home. Along the way they encountered many dangers, yet they also experienced many glorious occasions and surprises as well. And this has all be in the interest of staying alive, staying safe and staying together. []

Please make sure to read the full description on “Roswell – The Reawakening” and join the fun. If you’re interested in helping out as a moderator, please use the roswell-reawakening-owner e-mail address, which is listed on “Roswell – The Reawakening”.