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Roswell Re-Watch: Friends = Fans

Welcome to the little “Friends = Fans” Campaign, Roswellians!

Summer is a great time to marathon-view your favorite TV show, but it’s even better to share it with your friends.

Friendships were made because of this unique series, but what about your current circle of friends? You surely know one or two people who would enjoy the show.

Grab your DVD box set and enjoy a trip to Roswell, New Mexico and introduce Liz, Max, Isabel, Maria, Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Tess to your friends who missed the series when it originally aired.

The more friends who discover and love “Roswell”, the more new fans would buy a movie ticket.

Will “Roswell” become their newest fandom? We would love to know when your friends beg you, “Just one more?”

1. Tweet Us!

Please make sure to tweet @crashdowncom or send us a message via our Facebook page during your re-watch and tell us what you friend(s) think about “Roswell”. You can also let us know if you discovered anything you did not notice before.

We’ll retweet and post some of them in an article post for each episode.

2. Send us a Picture!

As shown in the graphic we created for the “Friends = Fans” Campaign, we ask you to take a photo from your little re-watch party. Afterall, this gaining new fans idea is partly a #RoswellMovie campaign:

A.) Take photo from your friends from the back.
B.) Shiri currently has a Roswell profile photo on her Twitter page,
so this scene should be playing in the background of your photo.

Your photos will be part of the proceeding “Friends = Fans” campaign.

3. Roswell Hashtag

If Twitter existed in 1999, when the Pilot aired, which hashtag would have been used the most? Let us know your suggestions!

#silverhandprint #NotOfThisEarth ….

4. Roswell Party Snacks

We’re sure Roswellians have tons of ideas to make this re-watch party “Roswell” themed. Share your recipes with us or tell us how you would decorate your living room.

Please feel free to make more suggestions how this campaign could be enhanced.

Sarah & Lena

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