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Roswell S4 Fan-Fiction: Expect Action, Drama, Amazing Twists …

…and many reoccurring themes in the new “Roswell Season 4” fan-fiction, which premiered on May 13th, 2013. This fan-fiction is meant to satisfy the fans. It stays true to old characters and introduces some new, adds likely twists, visual aids, music and carefully planned references to the original story.

The busy author of the fan-made fourth season was kind enough to give an interview about what you can expect:

When did you decide to continue the Roswell series with a fourth season?
I decided to start the fourth season this summer, although I’ve been playing around with the idea for about a year.

Did you write fan-fiction stories before?
I’ve actually played around with some other fan fictions as well but not “formally”. Mostly Power Rangers fan fictions actually lol.

Is this your first writing project you release online?
Yes, actually it is! I have archives of original and fan fiction works but this is the first published online.

Can you give us a short synopsis? What can we expect to ‘see’ this season?
So when I first decided to write Roswell Season 4, the purpose was to tie loose ends and form a “likely” conclusion. One that gives answers that we may have gotten had the show not been cancelled. My goal was to do this and make it as realistic as possible given what little time I have lol.

The general synopsis surrounds the idea that it’s 15 years after the events of Roswell Season 3, so all the characters we knew are mature adults who have settled into their comfortable lives, trying to carry on as normal as possible. But this season draws much of its drama from the End of the World episode. In short, because Max and Tess ultimately did NOT end up together, what are the consequences? What happened to Antar or Kivar? What happened to baby Zan (aka “Alex”)? What is Antar, what is their history, their culture? What are their people like, why did the war start and who started it? What happened to Ava? This season attempts to answer all of this, beginning with the arrival of Max’s son. The season focuses on the characters we love, as well as a new, second generation cast, including Michael and Maria’s daughter, Lenny Guerin. The first half of the season focuses more on the second generation whereas the second half includes the first generation more.

You can expect action, drama, amazing twists and MANY reoccurring themes from the original series. Be ready to have your heart broken, be outraged, confused, relieved, curious, and all lol. If I have to say so myself, the twists are ridiculously satisfying. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

How many episodes have you outlined already and how many episodes will your season four project of Roswell have?
I’ve actually outlined the entire season. I already know where everything is going and how it will end. I had to be this organized in order to make sure I address everything and that I stay consistent. However, I try to have at least one episode in the drafts box at all times. I used to write two episodes ahead, but school and work got in my way lol. I don’t have a solid number of episodes that I will ultimately release, but I like to think that I plan to write as many as it takes to cover the entire outline. And then I end each episode where I feel would make a good conclusion.

It’s obvious that you spend much time on details to create a realistic “TV show” feeling. You added screenshots, graphics to each episode and you choose fitting music readers can listen to in order to get the full Roswell experience. How much time do you need until you can publish an episode?
Thanks for realizing that! Lol. It actually DOES take a lot of time. As I said to you a few days ago, episode 4 (posted yesterday) was entirely lost and I had to rewrite it in one sitting. It took me 7 hours lol. Because I go to school and work full time during the summer, I try to allow two weeks. Sometimes life hates me and it takes longer. But it helps that I already have all the pictures I want to use, as well as the music. But I often keep my eyes open for new media (photos, music, sound effects, etc. ) to use. It makes my day when I find the PERFECT gif file to show what’s happening. But more often than not, I’ll find a gif file with great quality and I’ll figure out a way to use it (rather than actively look for a gif file that shows something particular…that would be very difficult). I have to be careful not to do that too much though, because I can stray from what’s important or cause myself more trouble trying to use an image that just doesn’t “fit” anywhere.

Do you have a favorite character to write for?
I think right now, my favorite character to write for is Lenny. She’s so relatable. She is the “Liz” of this season. Although I try to exhibit the character of her parents in her. I also want to make a casting note-  I chose my “cast” based on image availability (especially if they have played in shows or movies where they have powers), and their looks. For example, Logan Lerman has Emilie De Ravin’ s exotic blue eyes and Jason Behr’s general facial structure and dark hair. It also helps if the actor or actress has played in a show or movie with another cast member. For example, Britt Robertson (Lenny Guerin) and Shiri Appleby (Liz Evans) were both in Life Unexpected. And Britt Robertson (Lenny) and Shelley Hennig (Sam) were both in Secret Circle. Bam lol.

But back to the question, I will have a ball writing for Alex very soon. He has a lot of drama coming his way. He is the “Max” of this season. Only a stronger character in general. 

What is the best feedback you have received so far?
Oh gosh that’s tough. I’ve hard countless people tell me this is the answer to their prayers lol. If you go to my blog, you can read the feedback I’ve gotten from many writers. Its really cool for someone to tell you they can’t wait to read more, or that they really needed this fan fiction. I’m just a fan myself!

Do you consider to write a fifth season, as well?
Even though I told myself I wouldn’t, I have thought about it haha!! But in all honesty, there won’t need to be one. No cliffhanger. It is a total conclusion. All answers will be given….but then again, there could always be an add-on season.

What are your favorite Roswell episodes from the original show?
Oh wow! In all honesty, any episode that involves Tess lol. I always joke about loosing fans when I say this, but I am actually a Tess fan (I know, booo). I think this will become a lot more evident as the season progresses. But there’s only one episode that touches me is The End of the World episode. The “wedding dance” scene. Priceless. “Destiny” was also an amazing episode. Mostly because we find out what is up with these teenagers we’ve been following around for an entire season. Only to find out that not only are they incredibly royal and an entire world depends on them for their survival, but that Max is kinda, sorta MARRIED to Tess. Wha?!! “Tess, Lies and Videotape” was also cool because once you find out there’s a 4th member, it’s a party now! Also, the “forced” kiss Tess and Max share in the rain is just a moment of awesomeness for me. C’mon, a guy attracted to a girl for reasons he can’t explain? So bad that he literally can’t control himself. That’s hot… There are too many episodes and moments to count. Roswell is an amazing story. 

We just launched a little campaign entitled “Friends = Fans” on where Roswell fans are asked to introduce the show to friends who missed the series when it originally aired. Because… the more friends who discover and love “Roswell”, the more new fans would buy a movie ticket. What would you say to a friend who has never watched “Roswell” and should start to do so now?
I feel like I suggest Roswell to someone every week lol. I basically tell them it’s kind of like Twilight, except good, sexier, features great humor, much more original, and with sensible drama. Or I’ll say it’s the original Vampire Diaries. Only aliens and sensible issues.

Roswell Season 4
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Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 2: The Unknown
Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 3: The Unpredictable
Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 4: Origins

Thanks for this great interview!

So far, four episodes have been released. In the “Downloads” tab on, you can download PDF files for each episodes as well.