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“Kristin’s Christmas Past” – Upcoming Airdates

Did you miss the premiere of Lifetime’s christmas movie “Kristin’s Christmas Past”, yesterday?

Please visit www.mylifetime.com/movies/kristins-christmas-past/ for upcoming airdates, photos and an exclusive Christmas Q&A with Shiri Appleby.

A smart, sassy, 34-year-old woman who is estranged from her family goes to sleep alone on Christmas Eve and wakes up Christmas morning seventeen years into her past to relive the worst Christmas of her life. But this time she is able to go back and change not only her imperfect past, but her also her less than perfect future.

Upcoming Airdates
Sun Nov 24 at 8 PM
Mon Nov 25 at 12 AM
Wed Dec 4 at 8 PM
Thu Dec 5 at 12 AM

Shiri Appleby plays the lead character Kristin. Will Kemp, Elizabeth Mitchell and Judd Nelson are also starring.

© Photos courtesy of Lifetime / MarVista Entertainment

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