Matt Lanter Mentions “Roswell”

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Matt Lanter from The CW’s new show “Star-Crossed” mentioned “Roswell” in a recent interview. Read an excerpt below and please continue to tweet about Roswell ensuring that you add #RememberROSWELL #StarCrossed in your tweets!

Matt Lanter: a Romeo from another planet

[…] Cut to the present. Roman is one of the eight Atrians being integrated into the high school, while Emery (Aimee Teegarden) is one of the human students there. They reconnect, which does not go over well with her fellow students, with school officials or with Roman’s fellow Atrians.

“I think this is something we haven’t really seen before,” the friendly, uber-chatty Lanter said, speaking by telephone from his Los Angeles home. “Of course we’ve seen alien dramas before and shows that had aliens, but nothing quite like this one. A lot of people keep mentioning ‘Roswell’ (1999-2002), but I didn’t know what ‘Roswell’ was prior to this job.

“Once I saw stuff on the Internet about ‘Oh, this “Oxygen” pilot is “Roswell.” ‘ I Netflixed ‘Roswell’ and watched at least half a season of it,” he continued. “I really enjoyed it, but ‘Star-Crossed’ is nothing like ‘Roswell.’ The only obvious similarity is that there are aliens living among us here on Earth, but the huge difference is that ‘Roswell’ was about a community with a few aliens living, hidden, in the community. […]

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“Star Crossed” airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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