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Emilie de Ravin – FanBook Project

Emilie de Ravin is going to attend the “Fairy Tales Convention” in Paris, France this summer. The webmaster of emily.de.ravin.free.fr is going to attend the fan event and she is currently working on a great surprise for the actress and your help is needed!

Please send in your messages, drawings, poems, quotes etc. and you can be a part of a great fanbook project for the actress. Please visit the fansite for more information. In addition, you can talk about the project and ask questions in this thread on FanForum: fanbook project

Make sure to participate!

Several steps:

1–You send me your messages , drawing, poem and quote that reminds you of Emilie, everything that you want as long as it is related to Emilie. Basically what you want to say to Emilie

The structure:
2–The fanbook will start with a Emilie quotes about her fans (I have one in mind, I have to found in her interviews).

A word to submit the fanbook (a kind of summary) then fanforum messages, and your messages.

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