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“Fargo” – Poster Makes Us #RememberROSWELL

“It’s a fact that Roswellian details are always among us.” – Anderson

After finding a handprint in Coldplay’s music video “Midnight”, Anderson proved this statement again by finding a Roswellian detail in a promotion still photograph for Colin Hanks’ hit series “Fargo”, which airs Tuesdays on FX.

The photo shows Fargo’s Billy Bob Thornton in a waiting room. Anderson connected the poster in the background immediately to the old The WB show and we are sure it’ll make you #RememberROSWELL, too.

What makes you #RememberROSWELL? Please make sure to send us your stories and photos, as well!

Have you seen Anderson’s guest article, yet? Read it now and please leave a comment:
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