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Anderson is a Real Roswellian – just take a look at @andersonwall7 on Twitter – where you can find enjoyable and fun tweets plus discoveries like a Roswell connection in Coldplay’s music video for “Midnight”, … and did you know that a “Fargo” promotional still photo brings back Roswell memories, too?

Please read Anderson’s guest entry below which is entitled “All My Reactions After A Roswell Rewatch”.

Thank you Anderson!

All My Reactions After A Roswell Rewatch

By Anderson • Apr 23th, 2014

I don’t know if this has happened to any other Roswellian, but it happened to me, I don’t know if it is because I give it too much thought or because I’ve done this too many times, but I discovered that after every Roswell Rewatch I have about the same reaction that I had when I watched the episodes for the first time.

I want to watch them all over again!

So, I try to find a good excuse, for example:
Do you know about that game some kids play in the classroom? That game in which one person says a word and the next person has got to use the last letter of the word the first person said, but there is a trick, the second word has got to be related to the first one.

Well, sometimes I do this: Roswell … L … Liz … Z … Zan … N … Nasedo … O …

Oh yeah! I can keep going, but I don’t want to flatter about my Roswellian abilities, better then, let me explain it this way, when I can’t find a good excuse to start another Roswell Rewatch, I only give myself the chance to choose three.

Lets say, first … The Pilot, but that is everyone’s favorite, so I don’t think it counts, plus it is the pilot come on give me a chance, that’s not even part of the show, when I’m done watching the pilot allow me to choose another three.

From the first season:

The Balance


I think is because of this webbing thing that Michael gets in after joining an indigene ritual of drinking water from a bowl that is passed in a circle to each person in the tent, then he gets sick and River dog explains to Max and Liz that the first time he saw that was with Nasedo, which made some elders to believe that he was an evil spirit, what I’m trying to say with all this is that Michael’s former alien (I mean Rath) was an evil person therefore Michael inherit that same condition; after getting inside the webbing and being released by Max it was like all those bad things that happened with their formers where left behind so they could start all over.

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From the second season:

Skins and Bones


It is such a relief to hear them say that Nasedo is dead, and that he never shifted into a girl that would’ve scared the life out of me.

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From the third season:

Four aliens and a baby


LIZ BLASTS TESS, and they say that Tess is gone, but I am not so sure about that one, I once heard that evil never dies, and this makes it hard to believe.

However, it is as close as we got to see her gone for good, so I think it is a good thing.

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And finally … Can I choose another three?

Which three episodes would you choose and why? Leave feedback below or tweet @andersonwall7 @crashdowncom.

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6 thoughts on “Guest Entry by A Real “Roswellian”

  • Season 1 – 285 South – because Max and Liz get another moment when I’m shouting ‘just kiss her’ and Michael and Maria end up in the hotel room lol.
    Season 2 – the Departure – Oh, those goodbyes break your heart.
    Season 3 – Four Aliens and a baby – I’ve wanted Liz to blast Tess since season 1.

  • ichigo1307

    S1 – Heat wave
    Because it’s the first time that Max and Liz kiss and Liz finally tells Alex the truth.

    S2 – Wipeout!
    Because I love Kyle in that episode

    S3 – A tale of two parties
    It’s one of the few episodes in which everyone is happy and having a good time. I love how the friendship between Isabel and Kyle develops and how Liz decides to spend the evening with her father and how their relationship gets finally better

    ….I need three more too :)

  • Well here goes:
    S1 – Destiny
    because it shows how deep Liz and Max’ feelings go – Liz is ready to run from FBI for Max and jump from the bridge. It shows how strong she is.

    S2 – It’s Too Late, And It’s Too Bad
    Liz has a feeling considering Alex’ death and like always she is right (how many times she has saved the day or been right). And her standing up and fighting to discover the truth even if it means going against Max.

    S3 – Panacea
    This part also shows how strong Max and Liz’ connection is – she feels the exact moment Max dies. And I think Valenti is great in this episode.

    As a die hard dreamer I choose the parts where we see Max and Liz’ devotion and the extend and the depth of their feelings :)

  • WhiteLotus22

    Season 1) Toy House – From Max asking his mom to have faith in him, to trust him. That is one of the ultimate things, a parent will have to do…. let go…and trust their little ones. Also I LOVED LOVED the napkin holder scenes with the Candy crew <3. "

    Michael: "I gotta be a stone wall and when I'm with you sometimes I don't feel like a stone wall anymore.
    Maria: "What do you feel like?"
    Michael: "I don't know…like, confused."
    Maria: "Human?"
    Michael: "Yeah, and I don't want to feel that way."

    Season 2) A Roswell Christmas Carol- This episode just warms my heart. Again Micheal is an undercover softie! The Christmas Nazi (Isabel) is funny too! "AND HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!" ::As she shakes her head with a xmas tree hat:: I loved that scene.

    Season 3) Busted – because romantic bonnie and clyde themes never grow old or dull – <3 Dreamer<3

    There are so many good episodes!

  • S1 – Toy House, the entire thing about making the choice to save his mother and then everything it brought. Plus, the look in Max’s face when he realizes he healed the pigeon on camera, priceless! I love this kind of angst.

    S1 – Blind Date, because one of my favorite lines is there: “What’s so great about normal?”

    S2 – A Roswell Christmas Carol, because I love Max and the entire conflict with the ghost (was it a real ghost? Was it Max’s guilt projected?)

    And yeah, The Pilot. Best. Episode. Ever.

  • S1 – The White Room (maybe too the very end of M2TM and very beginning of Destiny)
    I love when Valenti sees two Maxes at that carnival and then all the tension leading up to Liz finally asking him for help and then Michael using his powers in front of him! Such great momentum and the emotion is so strong throughout. Always been my absolute favorite.

    S2 – Surprise
    I like all the tension between Max, Michael, and Izzy. Also, Vilandra was so interesting. KH was awesome at the end in the pod chamber.

    S3 – Chant Down Babylon
    Isabel is shot! Jesse learns the truth! Michael saves the day! Max is super-cute!

    Lol. Leave it to me to chose the eps where someone is dying or tortured in every one….

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