Roswell S4 Fan-Fiction: Episode 5 Will Be Released On New Years Day

Last year, Roswell fans had the pleasure of experiencing a brand new fan-fiction story based on our favorite show. The first episode of the fan written continuation of Roswell premiered on May 13th, 2013. All four episodes are available on the Tumblr page “Roswell Season 4″ and a brand new episode will be available for your reading pleasure very soon.

In a current post on, Tessitura announced that the fifth episode of the season will be added on New Years Day. What a great gift for all Roswellians!

[…] be sure to catch up on the episodes previously posted (found like always, in the Downloads tab, or you can scroll back a few pages if you want the live action GIFs), because guess what? To celebrate the New Years, I will be starting back up with a brand new fan fiction episode of ROSWELL SEASON 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! […]

The Season 4 fan-fiction was created to satisfy the fans. It stays true to old characters and introduces some new, adds likely twists, visual aids, music and carefully planned references to the original story.

The autor explained to, “The general synopsis surrounds the idea that it’s 15 years after the events of Roswell Season 3, so all the characters we knew are mature adults who have settled into their comfortable lives, trying to carry on as normal as possible. But this season draws much of its drama from the End of the World episode. In short, because Max and Tess ultimately did NOT end up together, what are the consequences? […]”

The much anticipated Episode five will be up on New Years Day. In the meantime, please spread the word and enjoy the episodes again.‘s interview with the author is available here: Roswell S4 Fan-Fiction: Expect Action, Drama, Amazing Twists …

Roswell Season 4
Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 1: Visitor
Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 2: The Unknown
Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 3: The Unpredictable
Roswell Season 4, EPISODE 4: Origins

Download the PDF files here.

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