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FWBL – Watch The Pilot Episode Online!

Yesterday, “Friends With Better Lives” premiered on CBS. If you missed the series premiere, make sure to visit the official website and watch the full episode online:

Friends With Better Lives – Pilot
S1 Ep1 (21:43)

Majandra Delfino stars opposite James Van Der Beek, Brooklyn Decker, Kevin Connolly and Zoe Lister Jones. When she recently chatted with Latina.com, she revealed laughing “Basically, I play myself.” Majandra added “I play a fantastic, fantastic character named Andi. We have such similar lives – we live in the same neighborhood, we’re married, she’s a mom with a 1 ½ year old baby and another baby on the way. She has a very sweet relatable relationship with her husband… she compares herself to her friends to see who’s doing “better,” but they’re in the weeds, as they say. They can’t see the amazing life they have in comparison to their friends sometimes.”

Please read the full interview on Latina.com:
Majandra Delfino Talks ‘Friends With Better Lives’, Motherhood & Never Being Cast as a Latina

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