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Majandra Delfino’s Blog: Beauty Is in the Eye of the … Belly?

Of course, as it happens with most, when I was first asked to do a baby blog I vacillated from feeling like I had nothing to write about to feeling like I had so much to say. I think that this is what sums up motherhood the best — being torn from one extreme to the other ALL THE DARN TIME!

So get ready because that’s going to be the theme of my blogs in one way or the other. You’ve been warned!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Majandra Delfino. I was on a beautiful show many years ago called Roswell where I played a spicy teen in love with a handsome alien. At the time I was a spicy teen myself, in love with boys that might as well have been from other planets.

Now, I am on a show called Friends with Better Lives, where I play a mother of two who is married to the love of her life and lives in a sweet Los Angeles suburb. And guess what I’m up to these days? I’m a mother of two, married to the love of my life in a sweet Los Angeles suburb.

My husband David Walton is on a show called About a Boy – and we had a boy-themed year ourselves when he filmed it. The similarities are just adorable. (Disclaimer: the play on words of the title About a Boy could also be in reference to my husband’s character … which could possibly maybe be true in my real life as well?? That’s all I’m going to say on that, m’kay?)

My show hilariously covers all the pitfalls and inconsistencies we young parents encounter on a daily basis. “I love my kid, she’s an angel! Oh my God, I want to kill her, she’s the live version of Chucky!” But in my real life, sometimes these contradicting incidents aren’t worthy of a laugh track or maybe they are — but definitely at my expense.

At the end of the day though, the journey of parenthood truly begins the first moment you see that ol’ pregnancy stick you’ve peed on since your paranoid 20s give you a very different result: positive.

Sugar, you are having a baby!

And so began our journey or as I like to call it, “Hi! I’m a private person, but sure complete strangers, come up to me every five seconds and tell me your thoughts on pregnancy!”


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