Entertainment Weekly: Blog Series About “Roswell” – What’s so great about normal?

Are you currently re-watching “Roswell”? Entertainment Weekly – The Community features a blog series about “Roswell” in order to introduce the show to a new generation of fans and to remember this gem of TV.

Jen Winkler just released her third ‘Roswell’ recap: What’s so great about normal?.

Next week, she is going to write about the first season finale.

‘Roswell’ recap: What’s so great about normal?

by Jen Winkler, Community Contributor
Jul 11, 2014 | 9:00AM

Season 1 | Episode 14 | “Blind Date” | Aired Feb 9, 2000

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m skipping over the sci-fi-heavy episodes in favor of the lighter, more character-driven choices. I think “Blind Date” qualifies as a universal fan favorite for a number of reasons—the biggest one being Drunk Max, of course! Plus, Maria’s interest in music is first introduced here, and we finally start to see Kyle’s snarky side.

As a refresher, Max and Liz aren’t quite an official couple yet, even though they sure act like one. Much to Liz’s surprise, she wins a contest for a blind dream date set up by a radio station. She didn’t even enter herself; Maria did it for her. When the DJ asks Liz to describe her dream date, she literally can’t stop thinking of Max as she answers, “a serious, dark-haired mystery man from an exotic place.”


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