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Giveaway – Win A Signed 15th Anniversary Flyer *Closed*

** The Giveaway is closed! Four (4) winners will be selected randomly from all entries and notified via e-mail. **

If you weren’t able to visit the “Roswell Reunion” panel, held at this year’s ATX Televison Festival in Austin, Texas, well, we – as in,, and — have a little something for you.

We’re presenting a 15th Anniversary Flyer Giveaway comprised of flyers signed by Brendan Fehr, Nick Wechsler, and Shiri Appleby, and other awesome prizes.

We also wanted to add that if it wasn’t for Brendan, Nick, and Shiri’s kindness and time, we wouldn’t have been able to provide this giveaway. So we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for both a lovely meet and greet and for giving fans an opportunity to be a part of the reunion.

Now we’re giving you the chance to win a 15th Roswell Anniversary flyer that we designed and printed for this event. To top it all off, not only is this giveaway open wordwide, but four lucky winners will be able to win a ‘Roswell’ glow in the dark t-shirt created by CraftsbyCasaverde. These specialty T-shirts have a classic round neckline, are soft to the touch, and was sold at the ATX Television Festival Merchandise stand this year.

What you can win

The Prizes

1st and 2nd prize

The top prize includes the 15th Anniversary Flyer in the format 5.8 x 8.3 inch (DIN A5 = 148 x 210 mm) with the signatures of Nick Wechsler, Brendan Fehr and Shiri Appleby’s signatures, a ‘Roswell’ glow in the dark T-shirt with a classic round neckline and another surpise!

3rd and 4th prize

Third and fourth prize winners receive signed flyers by Brendan Fehr in the format 5.8 x 8.3 inch (DIN A5 = 148 x 210 mm) and by Nick Wechsler in 4.1 x 5.8 inch (DIN A6 = 105 x 148 mm). Both winners also receive a ‘Roswell’ glow in the dark-shirt with a classic round neckline plus another surprise!

As we said before, this giveaway is open to Roswellians worldwide. In order to enter this contest, please follow the instructions:

How To Enter

1. Leave a comment on (scroll down and “leave a reply”) and tell us why Roswell is so special to you: even after 15 years. If you are a new fan of the show, tell us how and when you discovered the show and what got you hooked.
2. It’s one entry per person. Remember that duplicate comments don’t count.
3. When you comment, please enter your T-shirt size and which country you are from and add a valid e-mail address in the form.

Size Neck Chest Body length Sleeve Length
S 8 32 26.5 6.75
M 8.25 34 27 7
XL 8.5 39 28 7.5

Table from CraftsbyCasaverde, Female t-shirt sizes.

Please note: Four (4) T-shirts in US Size Small (1), Medium (2) and Extra Large (1) are available in this giveaway.

4. In order to be eligible, comments must be posted by 11:59 PM (PST) on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014.
5. Four (4) winners will be selected randomly from all entries and notified via e-mail.

Good luck to everyone entering!

*The flyers are originally signed by three former Roswell actors: Nick Wechsler, Brendan Fehr and Shiri Applebly. The first two winners will receive a flyer with all three original autographs. In the third and fourth prize bundle winners will receive a signed flyer by Brendan Fehr in the format 5.8 x 8.3 inch (DIN A5 = 148 x 210 mm) and by Nick Wechsler in 4.1 x 5.8 inch (DIN A6 = 105 x 148 mm). The T-shirts were purchased by

Rules & Regulations

The giveaway starts today, on Wednesday July 9th, 2014 and will close at Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 by 11:59 PM (PST). On this date, four (4) winners will be randomly selected and contacted via e-mail. will ship the prizes as a gift to the winners. This giveaway is open worldwide; however winners will be responsible for any taxes or customs charges incurred on arrival in their country.

All personal information submitted as part of this giveaway will be treated private. They will not be used or disclosed by us for any purpose other than general giveaway administration.

The prizes will be sent well-packed to you; however we have no control whatsoever over the postal services fulfilling their duties (eg. the package turns up damaged or gets lost in the mail).

Site staff reserves the right to end the giveaway prior to the deadline, if necessary. This giveaway is fan-run and not affiliated to the actors, FOX or ATX Televison Festival.

Prizes cannot be replaced and recourse to the courts is not permitted.

//EDIT: Comments stay hidden. When we release the comments T-shirt size, e-mail addresses and country info will be removed! Please remember: When you comment, please enter a valid e-mail address, your T-shirt size and which country you are from!

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179 thoughts on “Giveaway – Win A Signed 15th Anniversary Flyer *Closed*

  • Maria Lopez

    My name is Maria Lopez, and I live in the United States. Roswell is so special to me because after 15 years it is the best show up to date that I have seen. I love the story line between Liz and Max. I also enjoy the friendships between the characters. I was 19 when the show began and I could relate to the emotions one feels when falling in love. When the show began I was going through the process of falling in love with my current husband. I could also connect to the friendship issues portrayed. It was also a plus that they were aliens, since I believe in extraterrestrial beings :) After 15 years, I have the complete 3 seasons and have enjoyed watching my favorite episodes when I am down (as a picker upper) or for enjoyment. Max and Liz’s episodes continue to make me sigh even after all these years.

  • I went to my school’s book fair, I was in junior high at the time, sixth grade to be more specific, and didn’t really have any friends. After buying the books ‘Crank’, and ‘Bottled Up,’ I scanned the table of dollar books and found ‘Roswell High, not knowing it was a series. I took the books home and read the first two, but when it came time to read Roswell High, it didn’t draw me in, so I put it down on my nightstand where it stayed for a couple months. Finally, I decided to read it. I’m not sure why, I don’t remember, but I did, and it was an awesome book! It was the summer before seventh grade when I did read it, and my local library has the reading program where they give you free stuff if you read so many hours. You need a parent’s signature to prove you read during that time, or course. Well, after reading the required time, I went to the library to pick out a prize and after shuffling through a few books the librarian held one up that I definitely wanted! Roswell High 2! I went through that in less than a day, and soon my mom was ordering the entire series off of After I was finished with the ten books, I craved more, so I googled it, and figured out that there was also a tv series. Of course I also had to have it, too! It was awhile before I got those, so I often got to stay home from school during the syfy Roswell marathons. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and back then it was not diagnosed, making life a bit harder for me. I finally got the three season television show, and watched it all the way through. Michael and Maria are my favorite couple, both in the books and on the show. Roswell made me feel less lonely when I didn’t have any friends, and when my own mind was my worst enemy. I have a tattoo dedicated to it on the back of neck, and people ask me why? Why a tv show? And I try to explain to them that Roswell isn’t just a tv show, that at one time it was my lifeline, my best friend, but they never understand.

  • I started to watch Roswell many,  many years ago.

    I was beginning my difficult days like a teenager.

    This show is more than a simple show for me, Roswell taught me and helped a lot.Every time that I watched the feeling was I’m not the only person no fitting in this World.  Most  people once or twice times in their life feel like strangers or alien. We are a Max, Isabel, Michael or Tess.

    For this and thousand reasons I always have been a Roswellian.

  • I’ve loved Roswell from when the first episode aired and I still love it fifteen years later!

    The first thing I fell in love with was the beautiful romance between an alien boy and a human girl. He risked everything to save her even though he hardly knew her, because he’d loved with her from afar for years. The story of soul mates who find each other across time and space just struck a chord in me, and I am still a huge dreamer to this day. Each episode I would hold my breath waiting for them to finally give into their feelings.

    But it wasn’t just the epic romance between Max and Liz that I fell in love with.

    Roswell is full of friendships and family, new and old. The love between the aliens is so great to watch even when it gets dysfunctional. New friendships and relationships develop as they learn to love and respect each other.

    We also get to live the experience of learning about the aliens and their origins along with the humans. You almost feel what it would be like to be there. Who doesn’t remember Michael and Maria realizing that they are not so different after all in the motel in 285 South? And Liz willing to risk everything to be with Max and keep him safe?

    The aliens’ past is such a mystery and each small clue is so intriguing that it keeps you guessing and engaged. I remember being on the edge of my seat when each new thing was hinted at or revealed.

    The actors were so well chosen for the parts they really embodied the characters perfectly and brought them alive.

    The music was so perfect and added so much emotion and meaning to pivotal scenes. I still love to listen to the songs to this day, and each one evokes the scene when it was played.

    Even the camera angles and how the scenes were shot was beautiful and artistic.

    Everything about Roswell captured my heart and imagination from the beginning, and it still holds them to this day.

    To me Roswell is all of that, and it is possibility that sparks the imagination and inspires art, poetry and literature.


  • I’m a fairly new fan of Roswell. My mother and aunts watched it when it was on live TV and always raved about how good it was. I finally decided to jump on it and didn’t think I was going to get as hooked as I got but BAM. I watched an entire season in two days. Lol. I was obsessed. I think what kept me watching was the relationship dynamics…and Kyle’s humor.

  • 15 years! I can barely believe it has been so long! When Roswell first premiered, I was in middle school! I think the show ended when I was in 7th grade. I started writing fanfiction shortly after, and throughout the years, writing and creating other Roswell material (i.e. music videos, fan art) has kept my interest in the show and its characters as strong as ever.

    I didn’t watch the show when the first season aired, because I thought it looked scary. Like I said, I was young! It looked scary to me at the time. Then I caught “Monsters” during re-runs. Next was 285 South. I loved Michael and Maria right away. When I read the description for “Heatwave” in TV Guide magazine, I suggested to my mom that we tape it. I didn’t know why, but my gut was just telling me to record that episode, because it was going to be important to me somehow. And it most definitely was. From the second I saw that opening scene, I knew I was hooked for life, knew that I would never find characters/a couple I loved more than Michael and Maria, and that still holds true. I was a Roswellian. I taped every episode from that point out and prided myself on being able to get all of my friends and even some family members “addicted.”

    What I love about this show is the overall message, the thematic ideas of what it means to be an outsider. As Max says in the “Blind Date” episode, “What’s so great about normal?” As someone who watched this show during her puberty years, I could really relate to that question. What the show taught me is that NOTHING is so great about normal, and being an abnormal, unique, and admittedly weird person is actually far more interesting and worthwhile. I’ve taken that idea with me throughout life. Now that I’m a teacher, I try to pass it on to my students as well who, coincidentally, are also in middle school.

    I grew up because of Roswell. I grew as a writer because of Roswell. I made new friends because of Roswell. And I’ll always openly admit, I learned how to kiss because of Roswell. (Thank you once again, “Heatwave” episode!) Ha! I have so many fun memories because of this show, have made so many friends because of it, and have grown so much because of it. I will NEVER stop being a fan.

  • leanna brazzell

    I’ve been hooked on Roswell from day one. The show is mesmerizing and captivating. From the pilot it pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Even after 15 years with every rewatch I still get the same feeling as the first time. And I do rewatch Roswell every year as I’m certain I will forever. It’s magical in a sense. Roswell has always been my go to show anytime I’m feeling down or just need to escape. It’s helped me through hard times as well. The love between Max and Liz to me has been the best onscreen chemistry I’ve ever seen. The connection they have, the way they look at each other, and love each other makes you want to find exactly that with someone. I know it’s just a show but the feelings I get when I watch it can’t really be put in words. I’ve never been this attached to any other show and I’m certain I never will. To this day I still see things that make me #rememberroswell! Roswell will live on with me always.
    Leanna Brazzell

  • Jane Beccue

    Roswell was a perfect combination of actors, writing, and filming that raised it above any television show at the time, as well as going forward to present day. The Pilot was exceptional and instantly grabbed me, and after the episode Leaving Normal, I left normal and became happily and profoundly obsessed. 15 years later nothing has changed.
    Roswell put a force on me, and it’s here to stay.

  • Aminta Vasquez

    I remember first seeing previews for Roswell and thinking I must make sure to watch this. Jason Behr had caught my attention in other shows that I had viewed with the Wb so that also held my attention.

    When that first episode happened I was just so in love with it all. I love sci-fin and I love romance. This show wasn’t lacking any of it. Seriously always had me hanging on the edge of my seat. Wondering what was going to happen next with Liz. What was going to happen with Max, Michael, and Isabelle. I had so many questions and I always looked forward to when the show was going to be on.
    As the seasons went on I never lost that love for this show. It only grew. When the show came out on DVD I didn’t hesitate at all to buy them. 3 seasons of one of my all time favorite shows.

    I still to this day have rewatches of it and I still feel all the excitement that I did as if it was the first time. It’s even brought me closer to another friend of mine. We don’t live near eachother but we do talk about the show quite often. Speaking of our favorite moments.

    Roswell has just left me with such amazing memories and there will definitely never be anything else like it. :)

  • Maggie Vu

    Roswell is one of the very first English-speaking series that I watched and loved fondly. I was around 12 or 13 at the time and I had no idea what true love is or what soulmate even means. I didn’t have my first crush until I was 15. But there is something special about Roswell, the longing in the way each time Max looked at Liz (or mostly stared lol), the intensity whenever the two being close to each other. You can’t see it, you can’t describe it, you can’t put it in to words, you can only feel it and almost grab it. Your body is literally burning inside and it would require one small push to let them all out. But somehow you were able to control it except for your eyes. They can’t hide your true desire. I didn’t truly and fully understand that longing and intensity until I experienced myself my first crush (or even my first love, it was starting all over again, maybe in a crazier way)
    Roswell is that one special thing that still kept me believe in soulmates or just someone who gets you even in your weirdest way. It still keeps that tiny hope in me going after all that had happened to me. It’s my … personal fairy tale.
    Furthermore, I like Kyle a lot, I mean he’s just so expressive with all of his Buddhist philosophical quotes and also, hilarious! I was literally bursting into tears when I saw him on Revenge, such a sight for sore eyes.
    There’s more things that I can brag about Roswell but that’s for another day. In conclusion, I would say that Roswell kind of helped me grow into the person I am today or define my personality and how I look on certain aspects of life.
    I’m so glad that there’s so many people love it the way I do. Wish you all the best :)

  • When I saw Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter for the first time in the pilot of Revenge, I immediately had a crush on him. I loved his beautiful eyes and his cute smile. I went fangirling and checked his IMDB-page. I watched almost scene in movies and episodes (guestroles) where he was in. And then I bumped into Roswell. I saw that Katherine Heigl was in it. And the story appealed to me. So I decided to watch the pilot of Roswell. I was dragged into the story from the beginning. ‘I’m Liz Parker and five days ago I died.’ Wow, so catchy. I didn’t skip scenes untill I had found a scene with Nick Wechsler like I normally did. I watched the whole episode. After watching it, it felt like I had watched a movie. So many things happened in just 40 minutes. I can remember that I watched the second and third episode too that day. I often have that I watch a serie or movie to see an actor or actrice that I like. That was my intention for Roswell too, but after the healing scene I knew that I would watch Roswell for the story and not just for Nick Wechsler.
    After watching the last episode of Roswell I had mixed feelings. I felt happy and sad at the same time. I really had the urge to talk with someone, a other Roswellian, about it. But Roswellians were hard to find. I bumped into and I loved it! But I also wanted to find people. I thought there would be an roswellfanpage on Instagram,
    But there wasn’t. It didn’t take me long to decide to start one myself. And now I’m the proud owner of @roswellfanpage. I’m so happy. I got to get in touch with so many nice people (like you Lena). Roswell gave me more than I could ever imagine. When there was an reunion I was thrilled! So now there’s a chance to win such amazing prices I’m very excited.

    Thanks for giving the roswellians the opportunity to get a cool t-shirt or an autograph!


  • Hi,
    I’m Shenali.
    I first saw an episode of Roswell on our local TV in Sri Lanka when I was around 10 or 11 years old. (which was 10 years ago) I was hooked from then on, I remember finding one book of the Roswell high series a few months later and reading all 10 of them.
    I watched the show on tv religiously. What drew me to it was that I could really relate to Liz. She had a very similar outlook on the world as I did. And you know how people usually have the show that they pretty much grew into their adolescence with? well that was Roswell for me. I subsequently bought the box set and watched the whole series through when I was 13 or 14. And since then I’ve been rewatching the series every few months.
    It is my favourite series of all time. Nothing else has even come close to topping the list.

    This is why when I first joined facebook back in 2008, the first thing I did was to check if there was a Roswell fanpage that I could like. And when there wasn’t, I made one.
    I’m proud to say that it has 75,000 proud Roswell fans now. Who are in love with the show, as much as I am. And as much as we all were when we first started watching.
    Having a poster with their autographs in it would mean the world to me.
    Thank you for doing this Crashdown :)

    Thank you!

  • When I first heard of the Roswell reunion, I was beyond excited. Then I heard it was in Texas and was crushed. Too far for me.
    For me, Roswell is a show that will always be that special show. I remember watching it when it aired as often as I could. I didn’t get the channel it was on, so I always had to go up the street to my friends place. When the show ended, I was obsessively checking the internet to see when it would be released on DVD so I could see the episodes I missed. Now whenever I think of Roswell, I’m always reminded of the fun TV nights I would have with my friends, cheering with the characters when great things happened, or crying along with them at the sad times.
    Today I am the only one of my friends who is still a huge fan. I constantly re-watch the series. Roswell is special to me because it reminds me of my childhood, but it also taught me too, to keep an open mind, because you never know what other people are going through.

  • roswell is the first show i got really addicted to even after all those years its still one of my favorite shows and im pretty sure it will always be.
    I remember wanting the dvd to be out in france for so long!! kept checking amazon, took forever to be available here! finally being able to rewatch all the episodes was simply amazing, its crazy how you can associate some events of your life with a show! even if its a supernatural show, there is still the human side that you can relate to which i really love about it!
    i think its because of all of this that this show even after 15 years is still so special to me, it impacted my teens years and i think that something, anything which had an effect on you growing up just stick with you and roswell is one of those things for me :)

  • katie Heflin

    I fell in love with Roswell when it first aired. Growing up in the home that I did was extremely hard. Some days I did not know if I was going to make it. When Roswell came on, it was like a saving grace for me. It gave me something to escape to, I could relate to Michael and I hoped for a relationship ship like liz and max’s. I am so grateful to the cast and writers of Roswell sometimes I feel like they saved me.

  • I was in highschool when I first saw Roswell. I would try to come home during my lunch break just to watch it. – any chance I could get. Since then I have carried the DVDs with me on all my life adventures, including my first internship to landing my first job. It has always given me a sense of safety/ of being home, no matter where I am. I’m thankful for Roswell.


  • Hi,
    Roswell is still special to me after 15 years because of two things. For one, the angsty love is still good after all these years: Max and Liz will forever be my favorite TV couple growing up. Even now, I love that they got their happy ending. Secondly, the sci-fi aspect of the show still has me hooked, and the open ending still makes me wonder.

  • Roswell is so special to me because I haven’t seen a series before where the characters/cast had such a special magic relationship, especially between Max and Liz, who fight for their relationship successfully despite “fate”. To me, the show was never just another teenage/alien drama, to the contrary. It was more the very special story of a romance in a very special setting. It was also about a very interesting journey because they wanted to get away to “home” all the time just to learn in the end that they were already home the whole time. In fact, I was almost 30 when I discovered the show. I was quite lucky because when I went to France, I could even rewatch the show twice as it was aired on NT1, a French TV channel. So it even helped me to improve my French ;-)
    xoxo, Susanne

  • I’m actually writing this comment for my wife. She wanted to go so badly to the Roswell reunion in Austin, but we couldn’t make it due to certain circumstances. Like a young child’s face lights up when Spongebob comes on, well Roswell is her adult Spongebob. It really lifts her spirits when watching it for some reason and I know she would absolutely love for this opportunity. Anyways, thank you for your consideration, have a great day.

  • Kristie M

    I have loved Roswell since I seen the pilot. I just love the relationships between everyone and the ups and downs that they have. Some of it is so sad( like Alex and future Max) and other parts are so happy and you feel like you have waited forever for it to happen ( Liz and Max lol) Even after all this time and the many times I have watched the seasons on DVD, it still feels like the first time.

  • Roswell was the first TV show I watched when I left my parents house to live on my own.
    It marked that page in the story of my life. I was officially an adult, living the dream.
    In Brazil we only leave home to marry, so to leave alone is a BIG deal, with a lot of drama involved and we have Italian background. I desperately needed a drama to forget about my own drama. Lol
    I still remember coming back home, back in Brasil, late at night and sitting in front on my TV to finally see a new recorded episode. It felt so “adult” at that time! Lol Even if the story was about teenagers and I could be doing exactly the same in my parents house. Oh the innocence… Well, the actors were my age, at least. ;)
    Cut to 14 years later. Here I am, starting a new adventure, leaving home again, to live overseas, moving to Canada , feeling excited and scared and unsure of the future all over again. And still facing family drama because “it’s to far away from us!” It was when I stumbled upon Roswell on Netflix. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Lol
    Apparently, Roswell will always be marking big changes and movings in my life.
    I’m Giseli F., living in Canada, and I am happy. ;)

  • I fell in love with roswell many years ago as a young adult. I’m now 38 years old and I still can spend a whole weekend having a marathon. It still brings back the same feelings I had years ago for the group. I convinced my friend to watch all the seasons finally and now we’re planning a trip to roswell. :)

  • Laura Lee

    I didn’t realize it when the show started airing, but, multiple scenes from every episode of the first season became DEEPLY imbedded in my psyche, like it was MY story, MY life! Multiple things related to me, going back to early childhood, like how the half aliens were called “Czechoslovakians” as a secret code. I’M half Czechoslovakian, etc. I think that I’m related to Brendan, seriously. He’s seems like a long lost brother to me. It would be nice to research both of our roots to find out if I’m right. Every scene was perfection. It was one of a kind, like ME, and has been copied by multiple other shows, but not well. Nothing will ever to compare to the pure magic of “Roswell”!

  • I was so excited when Roswell premiered. Life as a 20 year old was tumultuous and harder than I thought it would be but for one hour every week, I escaped into a world filled with aliens, adventure, and love. Oh, that chemistry! I breathed this series for the time it was on and I never missed an episode. It ranks in my top series of all time and I marathon it every year. Every time I go through the city of Roswell, I stop at the UFO museum just to honor my love for the series. I wish we could get episodes with the original music from when it aired. They had the very best music and introduced me to so many great songs and artists!

  • Helen Lin

    Every one of Roswell’s main cast managed to make me believe…that their characters were real people. When the show ended, I simply felt that the characters had continued to lead their future lives off-camera. That’s a pretty special magic for a show to have, and a talent many actors wish they had! Max and Liz were my first “ship,” before people started naming ships after portmanteaux of the characters’ names (Serenate, Chair, Delena, Pezberry, Brittana, Ezria, Spoby, etc.) I think they will be the couple I’ll forever picture when I think of that first, truest love that people hope to have. You could see it in their eyes how devoted they were to each other. Roswell is one of the few TV series I own on DVD because I know I’ll always want to go back to it and re-live those emotional moments of heartbreak, joy, and always-high stakes.

  • I’m a huge fan of the show Roswell, so much so that I just got back from the UFO festival in Roswell NM! The show was so unique and well thought through! The show let me realize that amazing things can happen to ordinary people.

    I did squeal like a giddy school girl when I saw this contest! :P

  • I started watching the show around five years ago, so I guess that makes me one of the newer fans! Funny enough, my dad was the one who saw the dvd covers of Roswell at a Blockbuster store and brought it home one day. He’s a sci-fi fanatic so you can guess that the synopsis of Roswell drew him in, even though he was in his late 30s at the time. After he showed me the disc, honestly, I was hesitant to watch it. I thought it was going to be another predictable teenage drama plus random alien involvement. After the first episodes, I was hooked. It wasn’t the acting, the plot, or the graphics. I have to admit Max and Michael were pretty nice to look at, but it was the characters that sucked me in so much that I felt like I was growing with the characters as a season continued. Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, Maria, Alex, Valenti-they all felt like friends that I knew well. Now, from time to time I rewatch my favorite Roswell episodes-sometimes whole seasons or even the series. I can’t get enough of the character development throughout the series. Roswell will forever be my go-to show.

  • Roswell will always be special to me because it brought me and my best friend together. We would watch the show when it aired and be on the phone while watching it. And discuss it when the comercials came on. My best friend and I were totally obessed with the show. And some my fondest memories with my best friend evolved around roswell. It brought us together and it made us realize love does exist and that friendships can be forned threw the toughest of times. It showed us that a group of people who are different in so many ways can bond and. Become a strong group of people. Roswell will always be. A part of me no matter what.

  • Well I fell in love with this show when I was 15 and was so obsessed with astronomy.
    Even my dad gave me a telescope for my birthday and I’ve always liked the subject of UFOs and all that.
    Also the chemistry between Jason and Shiri was so perfect, that after all these years I still ship them.

    I hope to win, thank you so much for this.

  • I Loved THe Roswell Tv Show Because it Mad Aleins Seem Friendly And Not Like They Were Going To Take Over The World. They Were Hsppy Just Belonging Even THough Eartg Wasn’t Their HoMe.

  • Roswell is so special to me, and has been since I was a little girl. It’s been a huge part of my life and has shown me that true love does exist. The whole Roswell story always, always touches me, it’s always been a great watch and I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve watched it over and read the books :) the characters are amazing, they’re funny as well as deep emotioned at the same time. It’s always been my number one and I wish it would have run for longer or a movie to be made. Fingers and toes crossed! :D

  • I’ve been a fan since the very beginning. Roswell wasn’t just an ordinary teen show it was also something bigger, I mean wow aliens but it was also extremely relatable. Some nights I had to stay up really late to watch an episode when tv moved it to a later timeslot but it was so worth it. And I’ve watched it over and over in the years since. Roswell will be forever In my heart.

  • I’m from Austria and i’m a fan of ROSWELL since the very first day it was aired in our country!!
    I have seen every single episode then and thanx to dvd i’m able to watch my favourite tv show now whenever i want to. I have seen a lot of shows since then, but -what can i say – ROSWELL remains unreachable! Even after 15 years!!

    The love story between max and liz captured me from the very first moment and is still one of the greatest and most wonderful ever! <3

  • Roswell was beautiful!! In made me hopefully about my future as the characters were my age and also learning about themselves!! Rewatched it tons!! To celebrate 15 years I’m enjoying the books!! I truly hope I win as I’ve been a fan since the pilot and treasure all things Roswell!! I got a necklace from

  • Roswell was the first show I ever really got into as a teenager. The episode “The end of the world” was my all time favorite. This show has stayed with me over these years. The song “I shall believe” I danced to my husband on our wedding day. Also I named my daughter Isabella after Isabel. I still tell my friends about this show and give them my dvds sets to watch so they can get hooked. I will forever be a fan. It was to good for its time that it was made.

  • I first started watching this show when it came out, I was 12, insecure and feeling like I didn’t belong. It helped me learn that I could find friends that cared and loved me for who I am, even if they weren’t who everyone else liked or were friends with. Even 15 years later, I can still go back and relate to all the characters, it’s so timeless and I grew up with them in a sense so I feel like we went through a lot together. Roswell is my go to show when I’m not feeling good, I’ll curl up with my dvds and a bowl of soup and go back to where it all began, the Crashdown Cafe.

  • I’m a new fan. My sister has always been a fan since I was little. She made me watch it because she saw they had a reunion on FB. We end up watching all the seasons to 3 to 5 days. I love how the characters emotions feel so real that they also impact on you.

  • Even after 15 years, Roswell still has a huge place in my heart. I was 10 when I discovered the show, I’m 24 now and am still just as big of a fan as ever. Roswell will always be very special to me because, it was a very big part of my early teenage years. I grew up watching the show, I felt like I could relate to the characters in many ways, especially Max, his desire to fit in and be apart of the crowd appealed very much to me as I felt that same way in real life. I was a sheltered kid, so I was very quiet and shy, I wasn’t great at making new friends or being popular. I had a hard time being social with others, I pretty much just kept to myself and didn’t get involved in things that weren’t my business. I was the kid behind the tree. The show made me feel like I wasn’t alone, even though I knew that they were just actors on tv, still, it didn’t feel that way to me at the time, it still doesn’t. I absolutely loved Liz and Maria’s characters. I use to look up to them and how they were, so smart, beautiful and strong. Roswell really had an impact on my life. I hope that doesn’t sound strange, but it did. For being a television show (And book series) It was powerful with the messages that were being sent out. The show really gave me this strange sense of wonder and being, I felt like there was more to life than just not fitting in and feeling like the outcast. They were different but they accepted it, so I did the same. “I can never look at the stars the same way again”, just as Liz says. I always think of Roswell now when I look up at them, and it makes me wonder what else could really be out there in the universe. I was very sad when the show ended, but I understood. I have all 3 seasons on DVD. From time to time, when I need my Roswell fix, I’ll marathon it. I even got my husband involved in it. He had never heard of Roswell before, so I introduced him to the first season and now he’s hooked! He is a very picky guy when it comes to shows, so this surprised me. He is always right beside me now enjoying the show with me. Sometimes he even starts it on his own and I’m the one joining him in a Roswell watching marathon haha.

  • Ana Alicia

    I have love Roswell since it started. The secrets, romance, and suspense have kept me captivated all these years. I still love Roswell, Max and Liz were my favorites.

  • 1. The other day I came back to my parents house to clean up my old bedroom, it still had posters from bands and pretty much all the campaign ads from the Lot 53 (Roswell for Levis). I carefully took them, and framed them and now they are on my place. When I was younger I remember I loved meeting people who were Roswell fans and its a super nice surprise that some of new friends are fans of the series as well.

    2. Good luck to everyone!

    PS Thanks guys for making it a worldwide contest! Greetins from Costa Rica! Pura vida!

  • Elizabeth

    I watched Roswell from the start and absolutely loved it. I’ve since watched it several more times – I own the DVDs, but have also recently rewatched the series on Netflix :) I think it’s the character development that makes it such a great show… the story and plotlines are great too, but you keep watching for the characters.

  • I was in my late teens when Roswell came out and was hooked from the start. It’s timeless, and when I rewatch it I hate getting to season three, knowing it’s almost over. One day I want to make it to the Vasquez Rocks, to Covina, and to the real Roswell itself.

  • I loved the show Roswell since it first aired. I watched it as a teenager, now I’m 28 and I still watch it because I have all three seasons on dvd! I love all the characters, but Max and Liz were always my favorite. They’re one of those TV couples you always wished were together in real life. Roswell will always mean a lot to me because it’s nostalgic. 15 years later, it was nice to see the cast reunited! They all looked well and happy. I’m glad to see people getting excited again for the show and I am in full support for a Roswell movie to come out! Thanks.

  • Roswell is honestly the best ever. It was on TV when I was younger and I remember watching it and feeling it. This was at a time when I used to talk my friends at Girl Guide camp all summer long, about aliens, time travel and how they are out there! I even convinced them and the camp leaders to let us sleep under the stars. It was beautiful. It was because of this show that I felt that I was not alone. Roswell’s characters are so vibrant and convincing there is nothing to convince me ‘this was just a TV show.’ I love Shiri’s narration and journaling, listening to her talk always brings me right into the story! From theme song to handsome hunks, I’m positive nothing on TV has come close to the impact of Roswell. Even after 15 years Roswell has a special place in my heart. I love re-watching the final episode when they pile into the van and drive off, I feel like I’m in there too and that I can take on anything. It’s also nice to know that Roswell had a big impact on the actors as well. It was as if everything just happened at the right time!

  • I only found Roswell last year, but immediately fell in love with it. It was bittersweet watching it knowing that there were only a finite number of episodes, but I loved every one.

  • I have watched Roswell from the beginning. I loved the representation of it demonstrating how being an outsider is not the end of the world. (Of course on a very different level)
    When it came on netflix I was beyond excited! I have the DVD sets but now watching it on my phone during free time makes me happy!

  • Back when I was five years old, my dad and brother always sat down to watch a show about aliens or something. I didn’t understand why they were always so excited and obsessed with this show they watched. Eight years later, they pulled out the dvds and had the whole family watch it together. I quickly learned why they were so excited and obsessed over this show. I quickly became hooked and have now watched the series many many times. It’s something my whole family shared a love and interest in, which is always special when you can find something like that. When I watched it the first time, I was about eleven or twelve. Now being seventeen, I feel I relate to the show even more. I still love this show and wonder if I have even more of an interest in it than most of my family! I would be sooo excited to have the privilege of owning one of the flyers or t-shirts. Thanks for doing this! You’re awesome!

  • I actually am a late fan because I discovered rosewell on Netflix and was already a fan of Shiri Appleby and Katherine Heigl. As soon as saw the first episode I fell in love with the series. I rooted for Liz and Max all the way to the end.

  • I still watch Roswell because it makes me feel like a teen again. It never gets old and it still had me on the edge of my seat. I even got my friend hook.. its special to me because it makes me feel like i can escape for hours and not know it..

  • ive been a roswell fan since the beginning, always enjoyed the show. but it wasnt till about a yr ago i started talking about it to a friend got her hooked on the show and rewatched it again with her that i fell in love with it all over again. forgot how great of a show it really was. love the characters and the storylines. the friendships the relationships between everyone. it was just a fun syfy show that everyone can enjoy

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