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Former Roswell Actor Stars in Mini Mansions’ Music Video “Any Emotions”

Four days ago the Los Angeles-based band “Mini Mansions” teased the release of their upcoming new music video “Any Emotions” on Instagram. The band revealed the first look at the music video the next day. The clip is directed by Mike Harris and features a very familar face in the black and white clip for their new single: Colin Hanks!


[…] The result is a laid-back pop track that leaves an impression without forcing itself upon the listener. For the video, the band and director Mike Harris envisioned a single-take treatment in which an actor would – playing on the title – cycle through a handful of feelings. “Due to the straightforward nature of it, it wasn’t about getting somebody famous as much as it was getting someone great,” says Dawes. In Colin Hanks, Mini Mansions found someone who might be both. “He had caught our set opening for the Arctic Monkeys last year,” the bassist continues, “and everybody agreed he would be perfect.” […]

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The band “Mini Mansions” was founded in 2009 and is the dark psych-pop project of Los Angeles-based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Michael Shuman (also of Wires on Fire and bassist for Queens of the Stone Age), vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Zach Dawes, and vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Tyler Parkford.

Please follow this link and watch/listen to “Any Emotions”. The song features Brian Wilson, who is founding member of the Beach Boys. He provided the backing vocals to the song.

“Mini Mansions” new LP is entitled “The Great Pretenders” and will be released on March 24th, 2015. Visit the official website,, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.