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William Sadler – Tweets From The “Z Nation” Set

“Zombies…can’t live with ’em…can’t duct tape them to your bumper.” William Sadler wrote on Twitter. He is back on set filming episodes for the zombie show “Z Nation”. “Fun when we break for lunch to watch “zombies” eat wt knife and fork trying not to get food on themselves.” he posted later that day.

“Z Nation” airs on Syfy and stars DJ Qualls, Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Matt Cedeno, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson and Michael Welch.

Actor DJ Qualls got pretty excited, when he read William Sadler’s name on the call sheet. “I just saw the call sheet and I see you’re on my show. I’m coming to set tomorrow for lunch. Looking forward to seeing you.” he wrote on Twitter and William replied “It’ll be great to see you too! You can’t miss me. I’m the filthy guy with the dazed look and 5 day stubble.”.

“Z Nation” will be back on the Syfy channel this fall.

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