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Fandemonium: Roswell Fans Want More

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Roswell Fans Want More!

Roswell Fans Want More And So Do Majandra And Brendan

On June, 2016, Majandra Delfino, @MajandraD, sent out some puzzling Tweets creating quite a stir among fans. Random pictures, captioned only with “B + T,” caused fans all over the world to ask the question, “What is B+T?” Among the fans being teased were some determined Roswell fans, who wondered what it all could mean especially when Brendan Fehr, @unrealfehr, responded to Majandra’s Tweets with Tweets of his own that only increased the curiosity and adding more excitement to the Roswell fan base and beyond!

When Majandra & Brendan solved the puzzle for us on, June 25, 2016, bringing the puzzle pieces together, it revealed a picture of the two of them standing in front of Vasquez Rock. The revelation created a frenzy of excitement from their fans throughout the social media.

Majandra and Brendan shared with their fans an idea they had brewing for a new show starring themselves, calling it, “Baron and Toluca” and revealed their website:

Fans, friends, and Roswell fans, loved the idea of a brand new show starring Majandra and Brendan. The fans decided to rally their support for the project by asking Netflix to pick up the show for them. The #Roswellback Team (@RoswellBack) and, (@crashdowncom) came together and combined strategies to see how they could campaign for “Baron and Toluca” using the social media as a platform to reach Netflix.