Baron And Toluca

More Clues – The Plot Thickens Like Honey

So, what’s going on on the official B+T front? Something is brewing. Definitely. Do you remember that Brendan mentioned in the Huffington Post interview, that maybe they release a trailer next? He said “[…] So, we’ll be releasing more throughout time. Maybe a trailer? We haven’t decided.”

Last week before Saturday’s Twitter Mission, he posted a photo from a desert highway, a 285 South sign and a blue Jetta. His pose in the pic was very director-ish. Another new photo he posted yesterday, showed Brendan in a cutting room? He tweeted: “That is Bones. Bones edits. I had fun editing with Bones. The End. Well, almost. Gonna need a bit more tea & honey.” Tea and honey? Bee + Tea! (The latest Tweet-A-Thon video includes some fan thoughts, as well!)

Sooner or later we will learn more. Please make sure to follow the official B+T social media handles and get your friends on board for this journey.

Think about it: You will be the one who introduced your friends to B+T and telling stories about the fan campaigns and Brendan and Majandra’s perfection when it comes to teasing.