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B+T Campaign: Send Postcards From Overseas

postcardsThis is another reminder for U.S. fans to get your HONEY + TEA packages ready in order to tell NETFLIX that we want B+T.

You want to see “Baron And Toluca” on your TV? Send Honey* + Tea with any Baron and Toluca print out to Netflix, starting on October 1, 2016. We want to have a united front and flood the Netflix headquarter with B(ee) + T(ea) Between Oct 1 – Nov 30. Read this article for more details: B+T Campaign: Sweet As Honey. Spicy As Tea. NETFLIX, Please Bring Us B+T!

We understand that if you live outside of the U.S, a package can some times be expensive to ship (e.g. due to your location or other restrictions.) But not to worry – we hear you! So these postcards should do just the trick!

Everyone who loves Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr and their project “Baron And Toluca” has the chance to join the fun and please remember EVERY single postcard counts!

Prepare your postcards now and please let us know if you can add any tips for fellow fans e.g. postage stamp tariff and tips about import rules.

Let’s make it count and get our message heard!

Send Real Postcards ONLINE! (worldwide)

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Tips & Tricks – Germany

By Lena

acrobat_backside_thumbA standard postcard in DIN A6 format from Germany to the USA costs: 0,90 EUR You can calculate the postage (postcards, packages etc.) online via

If you add a “Priority-Vermerk” to your postcard it is expected to reach its destination in 3 up to 7 work days. With the Priority note, you make sure that your mail will be transported by plane. You can get the “Priority” stickers for free in your local Deutsche Post shop or download the “Priority-Vermerk” directly from priorityaufkleber.pdf

Please don’t forget to add: The United States of America below the address! Download the PDF for the backside of your postcard, print it and glue it on the postcard layout you picked or created. If you quickly want to prepare a postcard, download this PDF, use Acrobat and type your message directly in the PDF and print it afterwards.

You are not allowed to send products from animals like Honey from Germany to the United States of America, but you can mail tea.

Nicht erlaubt sind tierische Produkte wie Honig.
Erlaubt sind Süßigkeiten, Tee, Kaffee.

You can buy stamps online and print them at home via Thanks for this tip @NightShiftDE!

(Sources: Deutsche Post, Länderinformationen, Portokalkulator,,

Tips & Tricks – United Kingdom

Useful links: (5 to 7 working days delivery aim)

Tips & Tricks – Country Name

Add more information please! About postage and import rules.

Please send an e-mail, comment or send us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

Send Honey* & Tea With Any B+T print out to:

335 N. Maple Dr. Suite 353
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
The United States of America

B+T Physical Instructions.pdf

How much do you send? Whatever amount represents just how badly you want it.

Don’t forget! Show us your B+T packages and postcards you prepared and get other fans on board. Take a photo, add the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT and share it on social media!!


Coming up next: What to write and some tips!