Baron And Toluca

#NoTrickAllTreat – We Want Candy On Our TV!

Trick or treat B+T! Give us something sweet to see. Netflix, if you dare – We want @MajandraD and Brendan Fehr. – @jedeamjo

On Wednesday, October 26th Brendan Fehr teased, “☕️-hee! 😆 Halloween looks like it’s gonna 🐝 a little sweeter this year.” He added the hashtag #NoTrickAllTreat. Ric replied creatively: “Forget the trick I’m feeling the heat, still hoping for a treat, B+T please, that would be neat.”

Another major clue followed the next day, showing Brendan (probably in a comfy relaxing chair) stretch his legs and checking out a big white screen with the B+T logo on it.

Sarah tweeted to Netflix: “Our time again is near! Give us Baron And Toluca and on Halloween, don’t fear! WE HAVE CANDY!”. She added later: “I don’t eat much sugar as general rule, but give me CANDY on my screen & I’ll BINGE on it repeatedly!” Nomi from @RoswellBack agreed: “Halloween and candy just makes sense like Netflix and Baron And Toluca!” Chelle asked: “Teaser trailer? Or something else? Very exciting no matter what.”

“Such a tease but I love it!” replied Sandra to Brendan’s tweet and Gaby begged, “Please stop teasing us! We really need the Baron And Toluca series to get picked up by Netflix!!!”

On October 30th, we finally learned more via the official B+T Facebook page. “Come tomorrow, you too will be able to kick back and watch the #BandT promo. And please, make sure to share the 💩 out of it.“ After the annoucement Brendan shared a photo from the set, which reveals that he directed it. RoswellBack wrote on Facebook: “Looks like we are getting some „candy“ this Halloween!! … but we still need to do our part. Go to for more info!“

Sooo… did you send a HONEY + TEA package, postcards or a letter* to Netflix, yet? Please take action now! If you have a sweet tooth, you will only be satisfied when you can see Baron And Toluca on Netflix.**

Are you going to wear a leather jacket in B+T style on October 31st? Are you preparing lots of spicy candy tweets? Join us on social media tomorrow!

*could include a tea bag
**thanks Sarah!

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