Baron And Toluca

B+T Campaign: Take Action Now!

take-action-nowIt’s not time to sit back and enjoy the show (yet)!

Take action now, if you want to see Majandra and Brendan in the roles of Baron And Toluca on your TV. Send Netflix honey + tea packages with any B+T print outs, write a letter or send postcards.

Even if you’ve got not much time on your hands, here are two very fast options:

It’s so easy to participate and remember: “All we have is till the end of November!” Please take this unique opportunity and help to make a pretty amazing project become into a reality.

Watch and share the B+T promo if you haven’t done so already and we bet, after watching the short clip (and on repeat after that) you will agree with us that 5 minutes of B+T aren’t enough! If you have a sweet tooth, you will only be satisfied when you can watch Baron And Toluca on Netflix.

Check out more helpful links below and join the B(ee) + T(ea) campaign.

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