Baron And Toluca

Successful Thunderclap Reached Audience Of 262,832

Inspired by the sad fact that Netflix said #FarewellSciFi, fans teamed up in order to encourage the streaming giant to take this opportunity to increase demand for new original science fiction content.

It was a perfect time to spread the word about Baron And Toluca again.

On the first day of the latest B+T Thunderclap launch, 80 % of the supporters already joined the digital crowd-sourcing campaign. A little later, the FANdemonium Network completed the needed 100 % in order to reach the goal.

Our message successfully launched on April 14, 2017 at 12 PM EDT. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We saw many loyal fans tweeting for B+T as well as some new faces. From Roswell To B+T has been shared on social media with a social reach audience of 262,832.

Thanks for sharing the message with the world. You can still join us. Just click and tweet:

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Thank you for visiting! #Roswell @Netflix What about some B+T? #FromRoswellToBandT (Click and tweet!)

Thank you for streaming #Roswell. It’s been a fun ride. @Netflix please bring it back soon! #helloToScifi (Click and tweet!)

Thank you for visiting! We hope to see #Roswell back @Netflix soon. Want to say #helloToScifi? Pick up @baronandtoluca! #FromRoswellToBandT
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