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Thanks Netflix For Roswell, Now Fill The Void With B+T

Thank You For Visiting Roswell

A new generation of fans have discovered Roswell, a The WB gem, thanks to Netflix and new fans were introduced to the show constantly. For many of us, Roswell will always be more than just a TV show. To say it in Vanessa’s words “It’s like a best friend that I’ve known for years and grown up with. No amount of time, […], can ever change what Roswell means to me.“

With Netflix, fans had an easy and fast access to their favorite show at any time. “I was watching Roswell before Netflix existed but I use Netflix to binge watch it constantly!“ wrote Roswell fan Laura on Twitter. While we are very sad about the decision of Netflix saying farewell to sci-fi and we hope that they will renew their license for the show in the near future … since Roswell fans are known to be a pretty loyal squad, and @RoswellBack teamed up to send Netflix a big thank you.

Netflix deserves our gratitude, and that’s what this little Twitter event is for. Below you will find some pre-filled tweets you can use and send to Netflix. We are going to start tweeting on April 1st until April 14th. If you are just reading this article or watching the video go to social media and say thanks to Netflix.

We’d love it if you’d send one, all of them or your own tweet and you’ve done a good thing!

Sample Tweets – Click and Tweet

Thank you for visiting! #Roswell @Netflix (Click and tweet!)

Thank you for streaming #Roswell. It’s been a fun ride. @Netflix please bring it back soon! #helloToScifi (Click and tweet!)

Thank you for visiting! We hope to see #Roswell back @Netflix soon. Want to say #helloToScifi? Pick up @baronandtoluca! #FromRoswellToBandT
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Please feel free to add the graphic above to your tweets and posts!

New Thunderclap …

In addition to our thank you messages, we would like to take this opportunity to increase demand for new original sci-fi content. In case you missed it, the former Roswell actors Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr band together to bring an amazing new project to life. It’s not a spin-of or reboot, but something different, exciting, mysterious, and already has thousands of fans.

A brand new Thunderclap is in the works which will help us to send one message at the same time to Netflix. We will keep you posted about that!

Please join the Thunderclap now!