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Successful Thunderclap Reached Audience Of 262,832

By • Apr 18th, 2017 • Category: Baron And Toluca

Inspired by the sad fact that Netflix said #FarewellSciFi, fans teamed up in order to encourage the streaming giant to take this opportunity to increase demand for new original science fiction content. It was a perfect time to spread the word about Baron And Toluca again. On the first day of the latest B+T Thunderclap […]

From Roswell To B+T

By • Apr 1st, 2017 • Category: Baron And Toluca, Roswell

Thanks For Roswell, Now Please Fill The Void With B+T Thanks to Netflix a new generation of fans have discovered Roswell. We are very sad about the decision of Netflix saying farewell to sci-fi and we hope that they will renew their license for the show in the near future. We would like to take […]

Thanks Netflix For Roswell, Now Fill The Void With B+T

By • Apr 1st, 2017 • Category: Baron And Toluca

Thank You For Visiting Roswell A new generation of fans have discovered Roswell, a The WB gem, thanks to Netflix and new fans were introduced to the show constantly. For many of us, Roswell will always be more than just a TV show. To say it in Vanessa’s words “It’s like a best friend that […]

Mission C.I.N.D.Y. For B+T

By • Mar 1st, 2017 • Category: Baron And Toluca

“Candies Implore Netflix (to) Descry (their) Yearnings” for B+T We have heard of the movie, “Mission Impossible,” how every type of mission was carried out with acute precision by the person who was assigned to carry it out. They always used clever tactics to successfully complete the mission. Some missions were somewhat easy; not as […]

“Quantity over Quality” With K-Cups is the B+T PHASE 3 Buzz Phrase!

By • Jan 14th, 2017 • Category: Baron And Toluca

We’ve shown Netflix what busy bee’s B+T fans and dans are by sporting our tenacity all across the internet letting our devotion to Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino shine through. We showed ardent support of their new project, B+T, by launching a Phase 1 which were all about the Saturday Tweet-a-thons we did aimed at […]

All I Want for Christmas Is B+T – We Miss Our B+T Family

By • Dec 17th, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca

The Holiday Spirit Abounds If you believe in Santa, have you told him what you want him to leave you under the tree? Do you sit in front of your fireplace, sipping on a cup of eggnog or apple cider pondering over the mellow spirit that this time of year washes over you? Then, out […]

B+T Campaign: Join In And Let’s Make Some Thunder!

By • Nov 25th, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca

Are you ready to go out with a bang or in this case … thunder? Let’s end the B(ee) + T(ea) campaign with making some noise. Join the Thunderclap and get the word out about the Baron + Toluca promo and make a special request on Netflix via the suggestion form on the first Saturday […]