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Fan Campaign: Baron And Toluca Travels To TV

It’s been quite the adventure since the Summer of 2016 for fans of Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr’s, “Baron and Toluca” series! We’ve tweeted, posted, created fanart, sent letters and postcards, ordered what amounts to gallons of tea, and had more than our daily recommended value of sugar in doses of honey purchased! The journey from series conception to network pick-up can be as exciting and perilous as any journey traveled ‘in real life!’

All the best adventures are accompanied with the best of friends so this had us here at thinking. What if we really were on a journey from Point A to Point B with Baron and Toluca? We’d certainly have many interesting stops to make along 285 South — or whatever route we’d take from our homes to meet up with B+T! And, in the age of social media, we’d certainly be sharing our photos of these pit stops with B and T, right?

So we decided it would be fun to do just that!

So what’re YOUR travels like, my fellow Roswellians and Dans? We are looking forward to see your travel and/or B+T summer inspired photos.

Step 1:
Download the B+T Cut Out’s Lena prepared and put them in your wallet or camera bag.

Step 2:
Take Baron and Toluca with you and share with us all that fun places you go on your own virtual journey!

Step 3:
Remember to tag @Hulu @Netflix @AmazonVideo ask them to pick up B+T, and add the #BandTtravels2TV hashtag (and continue using #FromRoswellToBandT if you have the characters available on Twitter) to your posts.

Here are some tweet suggestions for you, but we can’t wait to see your own creative posts everywhere on the internet:

Click And Tweet

Spending my summer traveling with B+T to @Netflix. Greetings from ________. #BandTtravels2TV #FromRoswellToBandT
Tweet @Netflix | Tweet @HULU | Tweet @AmazonVideo

.@Netflix please let B+T to stop by for amazing #scifi journeys. Every DAN needs #Candy! #BandTtravels2TV #FromRoswellToBandT
Tweet @Netflix | Tweet @Hulu | Tweet @AmazonVideo

What about tweeting your photos or artwork on #FanArtFriday? Some #BandTfanart would be amazing.

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