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Dark Horizons: Forsaken Review (Spoilers??)

Thanks to Cherie for this.

I found this at in today’s news.

“The Forsaken: ‘Light House Shines’ normally does lots of reviews for DH,
now he’s got a news report he’d like to share:

“This past Sunday the 18th I attended one of the monthly sci-fi comic book
conventions that are held each 3rd Sunday here in the Los Angeles area,
usually at the Shrine auditorium near USC. Where this month’s special
convention guests included a very svelte looking Kerr Smith from “Dawson’s
Creek”, Johnathon Schaech sporting longer than usual hair from “That Thing
you Do” and “Time of your Life”, Phina Oruche from “Buffy the Vampire
Slayer” and Alexis Thorpe from “The Young and the Restless”. All present to
promote their upcoming Vampire horror film The Forsaken which open towards
the end of April and that I reviewed several months ago for Dark Horizons.
One of the primary reasons I attended the convention in the first place,
since I was curious to see if any changes had been made since it was first
tested about 6 months ago. Although according to the cast none of them were
aware of any changes and Johnathon Schaech also went on to state that no
reshoots had taken place at all. Which kind of surprised me since I know
from what I saw and overheard at the test screening I attended that there
were a lot of scenes or things about the film that simply didn’t gel or
needed to be reworked. Leading me to believe that this film will not do as
well as the producers and subsequent actors would hope even though the
entire cast who was present at the convention did seem genuinely
enthusiastic and even excited about the film and their respective roles in
it. Albeit that sort of enthusiasm can be easily faked by any actor worth a
grain of salt.

Still I would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and will even
make it a point to see the film anew when it comes out, especially since the
cast was gracious enough to sign all the stuff I brought with me for friends
who either loved Kerr Smith or Johnathon Schaech. Which reminds me I think
Mr. Smith was a bit freaked out by the large number of male fans who showed
up to see him and some of the weird questions he was asked by them. That you
kind of have to assume you are going to get if you look like Kerr does and
are on a show like Dawson’s Creek playing a gay character. And speaking of
Dawson’s Creek, even though I did not specifically ask Kerr Smith if he was
returning to the show or if it indeed had been picked up for another season,
he never mentioned it when he was asked what his future acting plans were
which leads me to believe he might not be coming back next year? Either that
or he couldn’t be bothered to mention it.”