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Thanks to cable-nathan for sending this in:

I don’t know if you got the full text from this story, but if not, here it is for your
perusal, along with mad props to both Brendan and Majendra for going public on an issue of
this magnitude.


In a new series, Roswell’s hunky star ventures into alien territory.

What’s more unbelieveable? Aliens among us posing as high school students or that a
23-year-old teen heartthrob on the hit American show “Roswell” should want to remain the “Big V” – and we don’t mean those other rodent munching extra terrestrials.

On screen, Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino play the ultimate in star crossed lovers (he’s alien, she’s not), but away from the cameras, the real life couple ensure their close encounters never stray into the bedroom.

“I’m still the Big V,” admits Brendan, hwo plays starman Michael Guerin. “I really believe sex is something special and should be saved until after marriage.”

“People may laugh at my beliefs but then, some people believe in little green men. This is what I believe in.”

And Majandra, who stars as Michael’s earthling girlfriend Maria Deluca, agrees. “I love being a virgin,” she confides. “It’s harder for a girl to keep her virginity. Men put so much pressure on you. But Brendan is my best friend and working together is even better. He’s fun – like a sleepover party.”

However, Roswell fans needn’t worry. Brendan and Majandra may be chaste, but with the
government and evil aliens closing in on their characters, Michael and Maria are going to be chased all over the place, ensuring at least the new series will go off with a bang.

“Something happens in episode one that leads to a major discovery. Someone may get
killed off,” teases Brendan. ” I can’t say any more. Tune in and see.”