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Fandom: Katherine Heigl/David Boreanaz

Thanks to Keith for sending this in and thanks to Yoss for posting the link on the message boards. Follow the link to read the entire interview..

INTERVIEW: Katherine Heigl/David Boreanaz – stars of Valentine

At this month’s Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, Heigl and Boreanaz do an appearance, but also some interviews
Author: Smilin` Jack Ruby
Date: 1/15/01

The L.A. Comic Con was pretty fun yesterday. It didn’t see as if there were as many vendors as when Schwarzenegger showed up, but it some guy brought in three stand-up arcade games (Alien vs. Predator, Nightmare on Elm Street pinball, and Marvel Superheroes Vs. (whatever the real title of that game is). A lot of people showed, but the only real celeb signing in the dealer room was Andy Hallett, who plays the demon karaoke singer in the club at the beginning of Angel.

But, of course, everyone was there to see David Boreanaz and Katherine Heigl. Despite the fact that they were indeed there to increase audience awareness of Valentine, most of the fan questions and such were about Angel and the few that were addressed to Heigl were about Roswell.